Unpopular TV & Film Opinions

Monday, June 04, 2018
I've been spending a stupid amount of time trawling through the unpopular opinions threads on Reddit and I have a lot of things I want to say...

1. Step Brothers is not funny. At all. I've watched it twice in the hope that I'll suddenly find it hilarious but it's just stupid and I hated every second of it.

Unpopular TV & Film Opinions

2. Rome was better than Game Of Thrones will ever be

3. Iron Man 3 was the best in the trilogy.

4. I actually loved Craig in Parks and Recreation. He was funny and irreverent and he has a disease called caring too much, and it's incurable.

Unpopular TV & Film Opinions

5. Glenn was the right choice to meet Lucille on The Walking Dead 💅 As much as I loved him, he became so whiny and boring.

6. Poe Dameron was completely in the wrong in The Last Jedi, and had no right to go behind the back of his superiors - especially after being demoted for being a reckless piece of shit.

Unpopular TV & Film Opinions

7. Fringe was a fantastic sci-fi show that didn't get the love or attention it deserved.

8. The Office (both UK and US) isn't funny.

9. Get Out was just okay.

10. I really enjoyed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and if it had been written as a campy action flick, it would've been a lot more popular.

Unpopular TV & Film Opinions

What are your unpopular film and TV opinions?

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