Who Am I? Taking an Online Personality Test

One thing that has always fascinated me is the idea of personality tests. In my old job, we took personality tests to learn how to relate to each other and customers more. I was classified as Water, which actually fits with my Scorpio astrological sign. Which, fyi, I don't believe in but it's nice to know I'm consistent. This generally means that I am emotional, intuitive, creative and sensitive.

I wanted to know if other tests would describe me as the same things. Can answering a few questions really categorize people to such a degree that when read back they can completely identify themselves in the result? Let's find out.

So as not to skew any results, I decided not to use any of the websites I'd heard of before and chose one based on the quickest of Google searches...

Who Am I? Taking an Online Personality Test

Who Am I? Taking an Online Personality Test

I was promised this would be a relatively short process and despite pausing to screenshot, edit and save parts of the quiz it still took less than 30 minutes from start to finish. Reading the results took longer because I was genuinely interested in what they thought of me.

What worried me was my ability to be completely honest when answering the questions. We all think of ourselves as different to how we actually are. Some people see themselves as less philanthropic than others do, or maybe they are more selfish than they realise. So, I took a metaphorical step back and before answering any question, asked myself if it really was the truth.


These were no brainers. I'm a quiet person - not necessarily shy but definitely awkward in social situations. I also hate a cluttered inbox. It's a pet peeve. Even if it's not organised into folders, everything has been checked and replied to - unless I genuinely forget. Which is rare.


I've never been high energy, always much more relaxed and I'm not the tidiest of people. I often place too much emphasis on other people's feelings - putting them before my own even when I know there is no reason for them to be upset by not doing so.


I HATE being the centre of attention - it's the main reason the fiance and I are getting married abroad, so that I don't have to be stared at by 50 people. I spent a lot of my youth caring too much if someone called me a name to drag those insecurities into adulthood.


The last question in this section looks unanswered, but I chose neither which is greyed out. I like the idea of a plan and sometimes they work, but to me it is more important to know when something isn't working and you need to change tactics. Change isn't always a bad thing.


Kindness is a very important quality but it isn't the only one I value, which is why I didn't choose the highest rating. Intelligence is something that I do think is necessary to develop educationally as well as emotionally. This does not necessarily have to be book smart, there are many other kinds of intelligence. If you do not have the capacity to learn then you cannot grow as a person.


For a very long time I thought that I was a logical person, but I know I'm not. My heart rules my head as I value emotions and instincts more than facts and figures. I can know something is true but unless I feel it, it does not become real.


I am both a practical and emotional person when it comes to dealing with other people's problems. I won't just tell you something sucks, I will offers ways to fix it when I can.


Ok, so apparently I value other people's feelings but not their wrong opinions 😂 I'm not sorry.


This was a hard section to answer as I see myself as a dreamer - always have - but I don't necessarily know that I am.


As I answered the second question in this quiz, I have left MANY things to the last minute. For example, this blog post. I haven't written anything in weeks and all my scheduled posts are up so I needed to get this done asap. I'm writing it with minutes to go until my usual post time.

With all the questions done, I was given my results...

So from the look of this, I am very introverted, with intuitive energy, make decisions based on my feelings and have a good balance between thinking about the possibilities of situations and making decisions based on judging them as they are. I would say this is very accurate. I am all of those things.

Mediator personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the Mediator personality type - but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a foundation of joy and inspiration.

Ya girl is rarer than a shiny Pokemon card.

Doing something because you should, not because you get a reward or avoid repercussions is something I believe in. You can't go about life expecting to get a gold star for doing the bare minimum. And I am definitely proud of the fact that I have this principle.


This is not wrong. I am prone to locking myself up in the house and pretending the outside world doesn't exist. I also would rather have a select few close friends who understand me, than a circle of many. However, I am not the "rosy outlook" in people's lives. I do try to see silver linings in every situation but I'm a sarcastic and slightly cynical bitch on occasion.

Do not lump me with Johnny Depp. We don't like this boi on this blog. Here's why.

These weaknesses are pretty true to me. I am very difficult to get to know - ask anyone I've ever met. I also take things to heart too easily.

As a teenager, the relationship examples I had went from one extreme to the other - long term, happy marriages to those that were short-lived, fraught with volatility and drama. I thought you would have one or the other. I didn't know that there was anything different. The fiance and I are chilled and happy but our relationship isn't perfect - I still put him on a pedestal as the perfect person sometimes. But I know that it's because he's the right person for me. I don't believe in soul mates - because I'm not 14 or in a rom-com - but as a youth I did. I spent too much time with my head in the clouds.

Mediators should practice what they preach...ow, 16personalities. Burn.

Me to a tee. I find is very difficult to meet people I click instantly with and when I do, I struggle to keep the friendship going as I find it hard to open up to others.


There is nothing that I can argue with here. I'm slightly worried about how answered 30ish questions has given a random website so much information about who I am as a person.

The next section was about parents which I skipped as I have no interest in that. I'm not and am not planning on being a parent so it's not relevant to me.

This is mostly me. I would hate the idea of any of the jobs above, except for psychology. I'm definitely not meant for high stress jobs and prefer a more relaxed, see how things ago, approach to work. I do enjoy working with people rather than behind a computer screen, which gets incredibly boring and lonely.

This was particularly interesting to me as I am a supervisor and recently was experiencing problems with my need to make myself "one of the guys" as well as separate myself into the management team. I often come across as more of a chum than a manager and unfortunately, this has done me a disservice as it took a lot to win back some of my authority. I do take a more flexible approach to work and give people choices rather than demanding things from them.

At this point, they wanted me to join their academy and I'm not about to do that. So I closed the tab and reflected on the results from the test.

The horrifying part is that they managed to figure me out so effortlessly. It's honestly creepy. I am a lot of these things, but some of them don't quite fit. Which is not a bad thing. No person can be completely identified and labelled. Especially not by a computer generated programme. However, I do think this is a useful tool. It's give me some things to think about and decide whether I want to make changes. Not every behaviour is healthy and this test shows you the good and the bad to your personality type. I do believe these work and I would take one again, based on the results of this one.

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  1. These tests.. I don't know if I ever trust them! My personality is apparently INFJ, so we're pretty close!


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