Pamper Evening Routine: Cold Weather Edition

Friday, April 06, 2018
Okay, technically it isn't cold anymore. I wrote this in March when we were experiencing weather mood swings on a daily basis. It's been bloody freezing, and it keeps snowing so to me, still Winter.

One night a few weeks ago I was seriously exhausted from work and shaking from walking home in the rain. So I did what I always do when my body is killing me - I ran a bath. As it was filling up, I began gathering my bits and bobs together and I realised I hadn't had a pamper evening at all this year. Mostly because when I've been off work I've showered and fallen asleep face first on the pillow without a second thought. I endeavoured to make a night of it and broke out the good stuff.

My  pamper routine isn't the longest or the most elaborate - it's more about sending myself off to sleep than sorting out my hair or shaving my legs (both of which are a bloody chore). I try to have them when I'm off work the next day so that I don't have to worry about going to bed early, setting alarms or getting up on time.

My Pamper Evening Routine

I broke out my fluffy cow print dressing gown, my fleecy Christmas pyjamas and my snuggliest socks. All of these were gifts from my mum because she knows ya girl likes to be cosy af when she's had a long day.

For my bath I chose Twilight bath bomb and the matching shower gel for bubbles. I'm no longer a Lush shopper but these have been in my stash for a very long time and admittedly, are my absolute favourite bath products.

While the bath is running I do all the boring but weirdly important stuff. I can't fully relax when my bedroom is cluttered so I quickly tidy up and sort out whatever things are lying around. I declutter my dresser as much as I can and plug in my phone and Kindle to charge. I'll change my bed sheets on pamper nights as the smell of clean bedding is the most relaxing thing I can think of. I then light a candle so that when I get out of the bath my whole bedroom will smell amazing, and make myself a drink of whatever juice we have in the house to bring with me. I recently picked up this Yankee Candle Simply Home in Grapefruit. Pink graprefruit is my absolute favourite scent of all time.

My Pamper Evening Routine

In colder months I put all my post-bath clothes underneath the radiator in the bathroom (as it's too narrow to lie them on top) so that they'll be lovely and warm when I get out. Then I'll brush my teeth, wash my face with a mild cleanser like micellar water, tie up my hair and prop the laptop out of water's reach. Usually I'll watch something mindlessly entertaining, so that I don't get too absorbed and lie in the tub all day, but not boring enough that I'll fall asleep. I've been slowly working through The Handmaid's Tale and I don't know, it's fine but it doesn't follow the book closely enough for me. I've only got a few episodes left and I've been trying to watch it since November.

My Pamper Evening Routine

While I'm in the bath, I'll pop on a face mask. Tonight I wanted something deep cleansing (as I end up caked in dust at work) that wasn't too harsh so I went for this Skin Republic Bubble Sheet Mask that I got free from Superdrug. I'm not a fan of sheet masks at all and this was no exception.

My Pamper Evening Routine

I found that, as usual, the holes on the mask don't line up right on my face and I kept getting bubbles all over my lips and in my mouth. It was disgusting. I tried to keep it on for the full 20 minutes but took it off after about 10 as it was driving me mad. I found that I preferred to squeeze the bubbles out of the mask and massage them into my face, which did leave my skin clean and soft, so silver linings.

After I've spent close to two hours in the bath (my internal clock always knows exactly when to get out), which I have continually topped up with hot water, I quickly wash my hair with whatever shampoo I've got on the go - or sometimes a dollop of Lush FUN that I'm trying to use up before it goes bad - then wash up with my Twilight shower gel and jump out. I run through my skin care routine, which after a bath is micellar water (to remove any remnants of the mask that I might have missed), eye cream, a rich moisturiser and argan oil.

Back in the bedroom, my laptop is relocated to my dresser and I will finish off the episode of whatever I'm watching while I moisturise. Tonight I opened Sleepy by Lush, which is Twilight scented. Its not hydrating enough for me, as I prefer a butter over a lotion, but the smell will always win me over.

Once my skin is sufficiently moisturised, I like to put on my pj's and dressing gown, wrap my hair up in a turban or towel and pop on a foot pack, with my socks over top. I find that it works better like that and my feet end up soft for days afterwards. This Tea Tree and Peppermint one is my favourite at the moment, and it's only 99p from Savers or B&M. It's tingly and refreshing after a full day of wearing uncomfortable safety shoes whilst walking roughly 10 miles.

My Pamper Evening Routine

I tend to leave these on for about 45 minutes as they work better for me that way. If I have any of my TV show left, I'll finish that off while I chill out. Afterwards, I remove the foot packs and work a little Bloom and Blossom Revitalising Leg and Foot Spray around my ankles as the mask always misses them, then pop my socks back on.

Depending on how tired I am, I'll watch some TV with the fiance or I'll go to bed and read on my Kindle. Tonight I was absolutely shattered so I opted for bed with a book. I'm currently reading Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? - review to come.

My Pamper Evening Routine

Before I get my head down, I'll either apply a little bit of temple balm, like Badger Sleep Balm, or spray my pillow with Feather and Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray. I love soothing lavender scents at night so these are both perfect for me. Tonight I opted for the pillow spray.

My Pamper Evening Routine

I've not had this long so I've no real opinion on it yet but it smells delightful and a little bit goes a long way.

I usually only make it a few lines into the book before I fall asleep, which is the whole purpose of all these relaxation based products. When it comes to buying bath and body products, I always opt for something that says it's calming or relaxing.

What's your pamper evening routine?


  1. I love those bubbly masks, it feels weird but at the same time refreshing

  2. Man I wish I had a tub so I could have a somewhat elaborate routine like this.. Only being able to shower just isn't the same.


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