Makeup I'm Getting Rid Of

My makeup collection is constantly growing and changing, so a lot of the things I buy don't tend to stick around too long. Don't worry, I don't chuck them in the bin. I give the majority of the items to my friends and family, unless they are really old or disastrously broken. Whenever I introduce something new, I go through and see if there is anything I no longer like, which then gets taken out of rotation and popped into a barrel that used to house mini bath bombs. 

Makeup I'm Getting Rid Of

Recently it's been looking a little bit full so I decided to go through and see which items aren't doing it for me anymore, as well as some items that just needed throwing out...

Makeup I'm Getting Rid Of

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless is a product I had a like/hate relationship with. It depended entirely on how forgiving I felt when I wore it. I have combination skin and my cheeks have been getting drier with each passing year, so the extremely matte finish of this foundation was not kind to me. It showed up every little flake of dry skin, didn't actually look very nice, match me well or keep my t-zone matte for any length of time. I have two shades, 100 and 110 which I'm not sure will be any good to anyone, but the tubes are 3/4 full and it seems a shame to throw them away. The ELF Flawless Foundation is still probably two shades too dark for the lightest in the range so I think my mum might get away with it, especially as it has a very dewy finish with light to medium coverage - which she prefers for day to day.

I received the Christian Breton Concealer for Christmas and unfortunately it's way too dark and pink for me. It's not something that can be salvaged either, even though the formula is great and extremely full coverage. The NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer was a massive disappointment. I chose the lightest shade, Porcelain, which was still slightly too dark. It also creased like a bastard, oxidised and didn't afford as much coverage as I was expecting. I read tonnes of reviews before I bought this and it seems I'm one of the few people that doesn't like it.

I'm finally getting rid of the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder. I spent 11 of my English pounds on this and I was annoyed when I discovered that it does nothing for me. At all. I've spent months trying to get this to work and I've given up. It's gone into the barrel of shame and hopefully someone else might be able to make sense of it. Otherwise it's off t' the bin. I only recently picked up the Barry M Ready Set Smooth and it's by far the worst face powder I've ever used. And I wore Constance Carrol powders until I was 16. If you have any pores, it sinks into them and leaves little white dots all over your face. It doesn't set concealer. It leaves a white cast on your skin and makes it look painfully dry. Thank god this was cheap because I don't feel bad about giving it up.

The Technic Highlighter is nice but I literally never use it. It's wasted sitting in my collection. Same goes for the Technic Primer Spray (also it will blind you if you're not careful).

Both the MUA Lip Lacquer in Splash and the Collection Velvet Kiss in Blackberry are lipsticks that I've worn maybe once. I've got better purples and a nicer blue, so these are not needed. Their both seriously old so they've gone in the bin.

I didn't really want to get rid of any of these, but I've had the Makeup Obsession Strobe Cream in Radiance for six months and not once used it, same goes for the Brow Powder in Light. The Eyeshadow in Lucky Charm used to be a favourite but I've got better champagne shades in my Revolution palettes, and even my Sweet Peach. So as much as I didn't want to part with them, there's no point in me keeping things I don't use and have similar colours to.

This section was the easiest. All of the unused Soap & Glory Supercat Eye Liners had to go, as well as their Crazy, Sexy Kohl and the ELF Cream Liner in Black - the latter of which I used once. I don't use liquid liners or cream liners and I much prefer my Urban Decay if I'm going to use pencils. I also lumped my Covergirl Clump Crusher in this section as it didn't really fit anywhere. I did not want to throw this out but I've had it since September 2017 and it's on the verge of drying out. I really do love it and I'm glad I found a replacement, but its not exactly the same and I'm worried about being disappointed. Fingers crossed it'll be fine!

What makeup products are you getting rid of?

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