New Year, New Goals

I realise that I'm very late to the game with this post. A whole month of the year has passed me by and I'm now just sitting down to write this out. But decisions had to be made and I didn't want to preemptively write this. I tend to get ahead of myself, so I wanted to be sure.

2018 Goals

Lose Weight and Get Healthy
This is something that's been on my mind for a while and I never do it. This year I will. I don't feel comfortable and I don't like what I see in the mirror so that has to change. I won't become a gym nut, because who would I be kidding, it's more of a case of cutting down on the bad stuff and cooking more. My job is pretty physical so I get exercise, I'm not worried about that aspect of it. However, I may incorporate some yoga as it'll also help with mindfulness and relaxation - something I'm always in need of.

Reduce Stress
I am generally an anxious person. Stupid, pointless things worry me so much that I can't sleep or go about life without wanting to crawl into my shell and hide from the world. It's ridiculous. I won't do it anymore. I woke up at the end of December with that mindset and whilst it obviously hasn't disappeared - anxiety is one of those things that may never truly leave you - I do feel more at peace somehow. It's helped to open up to people, discussing things I would usually bottle and let fester for years. So I suppose my goal is to talk about what's bothering me and find stress-reducing activities that'll help switch my brain off when it's being a nuisance.

Find My Own Style
Whilst this might seem a little bit vapid, it's something I do think about a lot. I've not really had a clothing style, or look that fits in with who I am, since I was a teenager. I feel like a kid playing dress-up when I'm in fancy clothes, or a grown up acting a child when I'm casual. I want to explore fashion and figure out what I'm comfortable in, what colours and fits I like and how I want to present myself. I donated the majority of my clothes to a local charity shop, so my wardrobe is pretty bare. But I won't be going overboard.

Higher Education
When I left college at 18, I was set to go to university but when it came down to filling out the student loans forms, I changed my mind. I felt so much pressure from my tutors, my peers - and general life expectations - and I really didn't know if it was what I wanted. So I decided to put it off and take a year or two to think about it. I got a full time job, I moved in with my fiance and life went on. 11 years passed by very quickly. In the last 2 years I realised that I do want that same degree and this year, I'm going to start it.

Pay Off Some Debts
I don't have a crazy amount of debt, but I do owe money - like most people my age. The fiance and I have been chipping away at it for some time but this year, I'm getting serious. I want half of it gone by 2019. Like anything, the longer you leave it the worse it gets and I don't want to be paying interest for the rest of my life.

Be More Aware of Consumerism
This is a tricky one. In the last year or so, I've take an interest in the effects of consumerism and supply and demand. We are slowly killing the world with constant purchasing, the amount of things we throw away is absolutely disgusting and we are all contributing to ruining the environment. Obviously, I won't stop buying things but I want to be more aware of what I'm spending my money on. I don't need that lipstick that's very similar to three I already own, and I don't need to buy a pizza when I have food in the fridge.

Enjoy Life
The most important thing is that I'm happy. I want to spend more time with the fiance, family and friends. I want to explore new places, try new things and find new interests. Otherwise, what's the point?

I'm not setting my hopes too high because my circumstances may change and some of these may take a back seat, but I'm feeling motivated. These goals are all changes I'm ready to make.

What are your 2018 goals?

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