Essence All Eyes On Me Multi Effect Mascara

Essence is a brand I honestly hadn't heard of until I watched Nikkietutorials How I Did My High School video, where she picked up an old CC palette. And I wasn't exactly shook. They seemed cheap and poor quality; not something I wanted to invest in. Then, they popped up in Wilko and I picked up one of their blushes, finding it surprisingly good. So, in need of a mascara, I decided to pick one out on my next trip to Wilko.

I chose the Essence All Eyes On Me Multi Effect Mascara in 01 Soft Black, for only £2. My hopes weren't exactly sky-high, but I've been surprised by budget brands before. I really shouldn't be so judgemental.

Essence All Eyes On Me Multi Effect Mascara

Essence All Eyes On Me Multi Effect Mascara

The tube is tiny. It's not much bigger than a travel sized. But for £2, I can't complain. Besides, I figured that if it's good then I've found a great deal and if it's crap, then its only a small amount of waste.
I really like the wand on this. It's very similar to the Rimmel Extra Long Lash, which I'm a fan of (but I can't find it anywhere again!) and as I'm not great with larger wands, this was ideal.
The first thing I discovered was that this mascara is incredibly separating. I didn't get much in the way of volume or length after one coat, but my lashes were beautifully defined. On the second coat I got some length, yet not loads and by wiggling the applicator at the roots of my lashes, I achieved a bit of volume. Not an amazing amount, but enough for daily makeup. I'm more of a fan of the slight clump, so I couldn't go with just one coat, but if you prefer separated lashes, you could rock this.
I love the formula. It's wet, but not sloppy and it doesn't flick everywhere. It reminds me of mascara that's been open for a few days, in that it's easier to work with.

My lashes are a bit longer these days and I credit this solely to Soap & Glory Thick and Fast HD Collagen Mascara. I don't know how it did it, but it's helped my lashes grow in longer and thicker. 100% recommend.

I put this on around 2pm, and went about my day.
Essence All Eyes On Me Multi Effect Mascara

Essence All Eyes On Me Multi Effect Mascara

At the time of testing, we were in the midst of a heat wave and the temperature was 27 degrees. Which might not seem particularly high in most parts of the world, but I'm from England. We're not accustomed to any sort of warmth or sunlight. It's literally hell on earth.

I took off the rest of my makeup before I'd even left the house, because that was a huge mistake in this weather. The boyfriend and I did some chores, ran some errands and had dinner. The next time I checked out my face was when I was running my bath. Yes I know, even in a heat wave, I must bathe. This was around 9.30pm and I was expecting at least panda eyes, definitely some flaking and maybe just generally lank looking lashes.
Essence All Eyes On Me Multi Effect Mascara

Not bad at all.

I definitely lost a lot of product on my right eye, but I'm terrible for subconsciously picking at my mascara so that isn't a surprise. But my left eye was still going strong. Obviously, there's some daily wear and tear. Taking into consideration the heat, my tendency to touch my makeup a lot, wearing it for 7 1/2 hours without any sort of touch up...Essence, you've impressed me.
There's no flaking or smudging to speak of. It was only £2. I'm honestly so surprised at how good this mascara is. It's much better than some of the pricier ones I own from the drug store that cost 5 times more.

It took a little bit of work to remove it, but no more so than any other mascara's I've had. I used a bit of micellar water, but I think it would work better with some cleansing milk or an actual eye makeup removing cream.

I whole heartedly recommend trying this out if you're on a budget - or even if you're not. This is a great every day mascara that actually lasts!


  1. This one sounds perfect for me :O too bad I don't have any stores to get it in here :(

  2. Oh no :( i wonder if you ship from overseas?


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