Shadow Switcher Dupe

Lately, I've been begrudging using a million different brushes to do my eye makeup and had been looking for a quick fix between shades. After about 4 seconds research, I came across the Vera Mona Shadow Switcher, a sponge pad that promised to clean shadows from brushes with just a few swirls. However, this costs the £19.00 and I wasn't about to drop that much money on it.

So, I turned to Ebay, provider of cheap Asian imports and found a dupe for £1.95 with free shipping. I immediately ordered and waited what felt like an eternity for delivery.

Shadow Switcher Dupe

As you can see, it arrived in a cheap silver tub, without a scrap of branding. The sponge inside is quite rough, and reminds me of a scouring pad. Immediately, I was nervous this was going to wreck my brushes. I imagined swirling my lovely Spectrum brushes in it and all the soft bristles being ripped out. I tested it out with an old, rubbish eyeshadow brush and it was perfectly fine, even after giving it a bit of welly.

The first time I tried this, I was using pretty light colours and after just a few light swirls on the sponge, the colour was stripped from the brush. I tested it on the back of my hand to make sure and all the eyeshadow was gone. I wasn't too surprised as I'd been using nudes and taupes. I had to test it out with dark colours to see if it was actually good.

A few days later, I was playing with my new Sweet Peach palette and dipped my brush into the dark purple, swirling off the excess after application. My brush did not come away clean, by any means, the bristles were still a dark purple. But, there was no excess product on the brush at all. Even testing it on fabric, no colour came off the brush.

I've tried it with powder brushes, to switch from face powder to blusher, to contour and even eyebrow brushes and it's amazing.

Shadow Switcher Dupe

Shadow Switcher Dupe

Shadow Switcher Dupe

This is great for switching out colours, but I don't think I would use it every time I did my eye makeup. I can imagine that the brush bristles would weaken over time and snap as the sponge is very rough.

It also doesn't need much in the way of cleaning. As the sponge is quite porous, any product falls through to the bottom of the tin. After every couple of uses, I empty the tin out, give it a quick wipe with a makeup remover and leave to dry. If necessary, the sponge can be rinsed and cleaned with a little brush cleaner or baby shampoo. I've been using Johnson's and its been fine.

I would definitely recommend this as a cheap alternative to Vera Mona, if you don't do your makeup every day. If you do, and would constantly need to use this product, I would recommend perhaps investing in the original, to keep your makeup brushes in great condition.


  1. This looks so interesting.. I really wonder how the whole 'technology' really works and if trying to use a normal sponge would have like the same effect..


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