L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask

Lately, my skin has been doing its own thing and whilst I'm usually pretty okay with that, it's not heading in the direction I would like. As a result, I've been messing around with my skin care routine, seeing as my current one has more or less stopped working, despite investing the best part of a fifty note in it. Part of my new routine is to adopt a bi-weekly face mask and instead of opting for the most vicious, pore annihilating one I can find, I've decided to take a gentler approach. Enter, my new favourite brand: L'Oreal.

Way back in January, I had an Amazon voucher and after checking it's authenticity, I ordered the L'Oreal Pure Clay Purity Face Mask. Containing 3 pure clays and eucalyptus, the mask is said to purify deep down and mattify the skin. Costing only £5.99 it seemed too good to be true.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask

First things first, I LOVE the packaging. It's simple, clean and being glass, it gives the effect that it's a lot more expensive than it actually is. You get 50ml, which seems like a tiny amount but this is a chunky product and has lasted me through 4 masks already, with a good half of the tub left. The packaging states you get 10 applications per tub, and on this occasion, it seems to be true.

The scent of the mask is clean and herbal, reminding me slightly of tea tree - I assume this is the eucalyptus as I've never actually knowingly smelled it before. The colour is traditional face mask mint green and I don't know why, but this was moderately pleasing. I've never had a green face mask before, somehow, and I felt like I needed cucumbers to gingerly place over my eyes whilst I sip fancy water. Obviously I did none of those things.

To use the mask, I cleansed with micellar water, then swiped a small amount over my face with a brush and let it dry for 5-10 minutes. This clay mask dries down fast and it leaves you literally unable to make any facial expression. I did find it a little bit uncomfortable towards the last few minutes, but nothing that is painful.

Once it starts drying, you can see all the oil being sucked out of your pores. Mine was definitely noticeable on my nose and the surrounding areas, as well as my forehead. These are the parts of my face that get the oiliest throughout the day.

Washing off is a breeze. I either rinse in the shower, or stick my head under the tap and pat dry with a towel (following up with moisturiser). My skin feels clean and clear after use, without the need for a cleanser. Sometimes masks can leave you feeling more congested than you were to begin with.
My skin feels soft and remains matte for most of the day, if used in the morning. If at night, I've found that when I wake up, my face is nowhere near as oily or blotchy as it has been. My breakouts have stopped completely and my skin is generally in much better condition after use.

This is definitely a great drug store product for people with combination/oily skin and I would highly recommend it. It hydrates and clears the skin without over stimulating any oily parts of the face, leaving it clear and under control.


  1. I love this mask! It's my favorite out of the drugstore masks out there.

  2. I was so surprised at how good it was. L'Oreal are getting it right.

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