Boots Botanics 5 in 1 Eye Roll On

Boots Botanics 5 in 1 Eye Roll On

In the last few weeks I've noticed that my eyes haven't exactly been looking so fresh. I've started developing some pretty distressing looking fine lines and I have huge, puffy bags. I'm not opposed to aging, but I don't want to look haggard at 35, so I decided keep on top of it with eye creams.

My eyes aren't anywhere in the realm of bad, so I went with something lighter, that was geared more towards refreshing the area. I picked up the Botanics 5 in 1 Amazing Eye Roll On in Radiant Youth from my local Boots. Unfortunately, in the month since I bought it, its been discontinued and removed from their website, so I'm not able to get much information, other than what was written on the packaging.

It's supposed to provide younger looking skin in 2 weeks, reducing the look of:
  • fine lines

  • dark circles

  • puffiness

  • bags

  • tired eyes

Sign me up!

Boots Botanics 5 in 1 Eye Roll On

The packaging it typically eye cream sized, in that it's no bigger than your index finger. I was expecting it to be exactly like the Garnier roll on ones with a large metal ball, but on uncapping, I found that it was three small ball bearings.

The first time I used it, I just swiped the ball bearings across my eye bags and went on my way, thinking I'd just paid £4 for nothing, as no product was dispensed. They were incredibly cool and soothing, making my eyes feel a little less tired, however.

It was only the second time I came to use it that I realised I had to squeeze the tube a bit, to actually get to the product. When I did, I found that it was a very light peach colour and reminded me of an illuminating concealer.

It didn't say anywhere on the packaging that it contained colour and that, in itself, was a bit of a disappointment as it meant I would have to use it with makeup. The directions did suggest it was best to use underneath foundation, but I assumed that it was because it was like an illuminating primer - having a tiny bit of sparkle to it.

Annoyed but still in need of eye hydration, I swiped a little cream on my under eye and pat it in with my index finger. I looked like I was wearing something, but it was not extremely obvious. It corrected my bags ever so slightly.

I wore it underneath makeup and it did seem to even out the colour of my dark circles, making them look a little less horrible, but not enough to skip concealer. After a few weeks, my circles were definitely less pronounced with using this cream, but they were still not a colour that was easy to correct.

I'm not sold on this eye cream, mostly because it contains colour. If it was clear then I could see myself reaching for it more, but as it stands, I hardly use it.

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