January: Library Finds

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
I recently started going to my local library as I'm trying to save money on buying books and my Kindle struggles to hold its battery for more than 20 minutes. Which is less than ideal. I've also been wanting to do more book reviews as I've not been reading much lately and I've been doing more makeup reviews than I initially intended.

So, this month, I picked up three books and didn't manage to finish any of them, I'm sad to say.

January Library Finds

Following on from the events in The Shining, Doctor Sleep tells the story of a now grown-up Danny, a shining child called Abra and a mysterious "immortal" group called the True Knot who feed on the steam of those with the gift.

I LOVE Stephen King and I really wanted to enjoy this book: I've heard so many good reviews and had such high expectations but to be truly honest, I didn't like it. It was depressing and ridiculous (and for an SK book, that's some feat). There were so many tropes and plot points typical of his writing style that I felt like I could be reading any of his books from the last 15 years. One thing I really dislike about Stephen King is that he uses either child abuse or alcoholism/drug addiction in just about every horror novel, as the catalyst for a character's actions. In Doctor Sleep, it just felt lazy and all too predictable. After about 150 pages, I gave up.

Rating: 3/10

January Library Finds

This is the story of an obsessive, almost demonic love, between Heathcliff and Catherine, set on the Yorkshire Moors.
This came highly recommended to me by my bestie, Sabre, who classes it as one of her favourite books. I'm still working on this one, having renewed it for the third and final time, so I don't know how I feel just yet.

Rating: undecided

January Library Finds

In a post-apocalyptic near-future, where everyone is haunted by the ghosts of loved ones, Detective Oscar Mariani is trying to solve serial murders but when you don't know half of the criminals, it becomes almost impossible.

This was not one of my finer reading choices. The blurb on the book drew my eye but it was nothing like the actual story at all. It became more of a crime drama than I anticipated (I was hoping for something a bit more X-Files) and I was so bored by the halfway point that I stopped reading.

Rating: 2/10

All in all, not a successful month of books, but I have higher hopes for February's choices!


  1. Agreed - The Shining was so fantastically terrifying, I was expecting so much from Doctor Sleep but it was so boring. I couldn't finish it either :( Glad that I was not the only one!

  2. Definitely! I think Stephen King has lost his touch, as sad as that might be

  3. Its not often that stephen king disappoints, what a shame.


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