B. Flat Contour Brush

I've never been comfortable applying contour with a brush that has any modicum of fluffiness. Perhaps it harps back to my youth; watching orange people liberally apply neon bronzer, coughing up dusty clouds of chemical scented doom. Or, you know, something less melodramatic. I needed something that afforded more control over the general bronzy-ness of my face and after seeing flat contour brushes pretty much everywhere, I thought they might be my best bet to avoid looking like I'd been Tango'ed. #90sreference

Originally, I wanted this Zoeva one but I couldn't really justify spending £13.00 on a brush I would only use occasionally. If I'm spending more than a tenner, I'd better be using it on the daily and I'm not about that contour life.

So, I went on to the Superdrug website (Ol' Reliable) and came across several brushes of a similar price. I was about to resign myself to having to spend more than I wanted to, when I found the B. Flat Contour Brush which was on offer for £5.93, down from £8.99. I'd never heard of B. before, but I figured I had nothing to lose.

B. Flat Contour Brush

B. Flat Contour Brush

This is such a soft brush!

There was no shedding to all, which is always a worry when you buy cheap. The bristles are dense, which gave me the impression that it would leave a harsh line and I was kind of worried about blending it out. Blending face products isn't really my forte, but if it didn't work, I could always use a buffer brush, or even a fluffy face brush - although I really didn't want to...

I patted the brush into my contour shade and picked up a little product - I only use the tiniest bit so that if I require more definition, I can build it up - and carved a soft line just below my cheek bones. It went on a tiny bit darker than I anticipated and with a gentle hand, I blended it along my cheekbones, and slightly up and down to blur. I only needed to do a little blending because this brush is magic!

B. Flat Contour Brush

I shaded my jaw-line, dusted a little contour around my hairline, did a little nose snatching and used the same brush to apply my highlight. The photos don't do the glow justice, it was BLINDING! This brush distributed the colour evenly and blended perfectly.

I think I've found a new favourite brush in my collection (after my Spectrum Flat Buffer, which is my baby). If, like me, you're a little scared of contouring then I would fully recommend trying out one of these types of brushes. For the price, it's an absolute steal.

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