My 5 Favourite Christmas Films

Everyone has their favourite films to watch at Christmas, here are the five I have to see at least once during the season.


A little girl (Mara Wilson) who doesn't believe in Santa must prove that a man claiming to be him (Richard Attenborough) is the real thing.

This film is adorable af. It always puts me in the Christmas mood and reminds me of being a kid. I had it on video and wore it out every year.


Kevin McCallister (Macauley Culkin) is accidentally left behind when his family go on Christmas vacation, resulting in him having to defend his home from The Wet Bandits.

What Christmas film collection is complete without Home Alone? It's hilarious and heartfelt. Plus, John Candy cameos in his last film role before his untimely death.


A teenager inadvertently sets a group of mischievous monsters loose on an unsuspecting town


Gremlins is an amazing Christmas film. The only seasonal things it has going for it are snow and sentiment (in parts). And Gizmo is adorable.


Jack Skellington, bored of being the King of Halloween, stumbles upon Christmas and decides to take the holiday for himself.

This musical kids film is utterly fantastic visually. This Tim Burton's classic will never not be one of my favourites.


A selfish T.V. executive is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve, bearing important messages.

Okay, okay, it's no It's Wonderful Life, but I love Scrooged. It's Bill Murray at his finest; 80s ridiculous hair and an updated version of the classic. It was my favourite film to watch at Christmas as a kid and its my favourite now.

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