Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

I've worn makeup since I was around 12 years old and I've never been afraid of colour. A a teenager I was all about bright shimmery emerald green shadow, or an in-your-face red lids with rings of smokey black eyeliner. In my early 20s I pretty much stopped wearing makeup all together and lost a loft of my courage with colour. In fact, it wasn't until I started this blog that I started garnering interest in eyeshadow again. And until late last year, I stuck with neutrals. Now I've gone back to my roots and begun to embrace purples, oranges and lately, a lot of pink in my look.

My makeup is getting more creative over time (not compared to anyone else, but for me) and I've been wanting to create looks, but found I was lacking a lot of colours. Recently I wanted to do a grey and teal smokey eye but I didn't have a pastel teal. A few weeks ago I felt like creating a sunset eye but my oranges weren't bright enough and there was no luminous yellow (other than a mustard yellow in one of my Revolution palettes). I felt a gap in my makeup collection that I wanted to fill, but with the right products.

I love me some decent drug store makeup but at the moment, they just aren't doing it for me. I've been favouring my mid range to higher end shadows because frankly, they're just less work. Urban Decay shadows take a millisecond to blend out, Zoeva shimmers are stunning on the lid and even my Sweet Peach pinks have been giving me cute eye makeup looks lately. In all honesty, the only drug store eyeshadow palette I'm reaching right now for is the Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals - even then it's only if I want a quick wash of colour for the crease. So with that in mind, when setting out to find new shades for my collection, I decided to go for high end. At least then I know I'm getting the quality that I want. Well, I haven't tried too many higher end products but I have certain expectations when I'm going to drop a lot of money on one item.

A few months ago I spotted the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Eyeshadow Palette by Story Book Cosmetics on BeautyBay and I was instantly smitten. The colours were stunning, the reviews excellent and the packaging was A+. It's not often that I'm swayed by product packaging (after all, it's just a vessel to hold the makeup) but this got me right in the nostalgia. The price put me off a bit. At £40 it was not a cheap palette, especially for only 12 shades, and when I have so many eyeshadows already in my collection, it seemed pointless to buy more. I also didn't want a repeat of the Sweet Peach fiasco, so I didn't buy it. Yet I found myself going back just to look at it every few days.

Like most children, I loved Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, starring the late Gene Wilder as well as the Roald Dahl book. It captured my imagination and of course, I wanted to visit the Wonka factory. Everything about it was amazing and inviting, except for those Oompa Loompas which are pure nightmare fuel. And one day, before I knew what I was doing, I was clicking Confirm Payment and this arrived the following afternoon...

Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

How stinkin' cute is this?

The packaging is the most well thought out of any product I've ever received. Story Book Cosmetics have gone all out to give their customers the fairy tale experience, from the velvet bag and tasseled thank you bookmark...

Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

To the simply adorable Quentin Blake illustration on the lid, complete with blurb on the cover, as well as advising a portion of the profits are being donated to charity...

Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

and the golden ticket, as well as the on theme shade names.

Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

I'm not going to lie, I'm going to get the golden ticket framed. It's the very closest I will ever come to the River of Chocolate (save for filling my bath with molten Dairy Milk).

Even if it hadn't been Charlie and The Chocolate Factory themed, I still would have gone for it. The colours are everything. The cuteness is an added bonus. Also, it smells like cocoa powder and vanilla - which is never a bad thing. It's not very strong and you can't smell it at all unless you literally shove it underneath your nose, but it's enough to put a nostalgic smile on your face. I know a lot of people are over scented makeup but I'm into it. At the very least it masks the chemical scent you get with certain powder products.

As per BeautyBay's write up:

A collection of twelve eyeshadows.
A tribute to the iconic childhood classic, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Palette is subtly chocolate scented and packaged in a hardcover storybook. Suitable for creating a multitude of dreamy eye looks, bring your wildest imagination to life with this limited-edition palette.
  • Charlie Bucket – Marshmallow fluff (frost)
  • Snozzberries – Orange berry (matte)
  • Augustus Gloop – Milk chocolate river (matte)
  • Mike Teavee – Teal jellybean (matte)
  • Willy Wonka – Purple crushed velvet (metallic)
  • Oompa Loompa – Orange-sickle (matte)
  • Fizzy Lifting Drink – Golden bubbly (matte with glitter)
  • Veruca Salt – Vanilla saltwater taffy (matte)
  • Everlasting Gobstopper – Bubblegum pink (matte)
  • Violet Beauregarde – Berry violet (matte with glitter)
  • Wonka Bar – Dark chocolate (matte)
  • Golden Ticket – Gold foil (metallic)
On top of the adorableness of the packaging, the colours are stunning! I do have a lot of golden metallic eyeshadows but Golden Ticket is more yellow gold than the others. Wonka Bar is the perfect chocolate brown (that I hadn't been able to find a decent version of before), I have nothing like Fizzy Lifting Drink, Mike TeaVee or Oompa Loompa already and Willy Wonka and Violet Beauregarde were calling my name from the get go.

The only shades I wasn't too fussed about (but do still like) were Veruca Salt, a standard base white and Augustus Gloop, your typical crease brown. You tend to get these in all palettes these days, so it wasn't exactly a surprise or a disappointment. They will always get used and if, for some reason, I choose to travel with this palette I will have enough shades to do a wide range of looks.

While we're on the subject of it, if you do often find yourself on the go, this palette is not ideal for travelling. Roughly the size of a 300 page hardback book, it's not exactly bag-friendly. This doesn't bother me (because where do I go? lol), but I can see it being a hindrance if you want to take it on holiday with you. Or even pack in your handbag for touch ups. It's simply too bulky for that purpose. But it would look amazing as a display piece and once I've finished all the shadows, that's exactly what I'll be doing with it.

The first thing I did, after admiring the packaging for most of the day, is swatch the shadows. I was preparing myself for the creamiest, butteriest eyeshadows I'd ever touched, considering the price and well, I was a little disappointed. They're very soft and a little chalky. Violet Beauregarde and Fizzy Lifting Drink felt a little more gritty than I'm used to and more so than I expected for what is essentially a high end price point.


Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

They swatched SO beautifully. This was one swipe, except for Augustus Gloop as it blended into my skin tone quite well (perfect for my crease) and I wanted it to show up on camera. I did add a filter to this photo to bring out the colours as the camera washed them out somewhat and I wanted to capture how vibrant they are.

The formula of these shadows means they are very soft and the mattes offer a fair bit of both fall out and kickback, which you can actually see in the photo above, in the Wonka Bar pan. Initially I was surprised as most of the eyeshadows I own seem a bit harder pressed and the only ones that actually give me any fall out are the NYX Lid Lingerie colours. But after using them on my eyes, I really liked how they performed because they are a softer pressed product. It made them easier to blend and you need to go in with a very light hand. I also found that I didn't even need to prime my eyes with concealer and translucent powder to get them to apply evenly. The fall out swiped away with a tiny bit of a translucent powder on a fluffy brush, leaving nothing behind.

The first look I did was incredibly basic as I was pressed for time and about to nip to the shops with the fiance. I used Augustus Gloop in the crease, Wonka Bar in the outer v, took both along my lower lash line and popped Fizzy Lifting Drink on the inner half of the lid. I also used a smidge of Charlie Bucket in my inner corners as well as Veruca Salt to subtly highlight my brow bone.

Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

You can't see too much of Fizzy Lifting Drink here as the lighting in my house is horrific, but it was more soft than I was expecting. I didn't pack it on, or use a primer, both of which would probably boost vibrancy. I loved it all the same. It's nice to add to a neutral look and I would definitely recreate this. It did need a spritz of facial spray to achieve a more pigmented look as it is quite sheer using only a brush. I might invested in an actual eye primer to start getting the most out of my glittery shadows.

Augustus Gloop and Wonka Bar blended so perfectly, I was actually shocked. Usually I really struggle with dark browns on my left eye for some reason. They often end up patchy and all over the place, but with a simple tap in the pan and a light hand, this ended up stay exactly where I put it and when blending, I didn't lose any pigmentation. I did have to build it up as I was worried about applying too much at once. As the formula is so soft, it picks up a lot on the brush and you can't often tell how much you're applying until it's too late. But I didn't have this problem with this shadow.

Charlie Bucket is a lovely silver white but a tiny bit too dark to use to highlight on my skin. I ended up going over top with the Pur highlighter I was wearing to lighten it. It'll be better suited on the actual lid or lower lash line if you're very fair, like me. Veruca Salt doesn't pick up on camera but it was a gorgeous matte highlight for the brow bone and blends out beautifully, so it would be great as an all over lid shade before going in with colour.

I applied this around 12pm and when I came to removing it just after 8.30pm, it was still perfect. The colours hadn't faded or smudged where I'd rubbed my eye and they still looked just as good as when I first applied them. Usually, no matter the brand, shadows will end up eventually fading or dispersing on my skin, so it was nice that these stayed put. I don't have particularly oily eye-lids, but after a long day, shadows tend to crease a tiny bit - which these did but it's not a big deal.

One thing I always like in an eye shadow is that they're easy to remove. Often some colours will stain the skin so I left swatches on my arm for half an hour to test this out. They removed quickly and easily with a makeup wipe. There's nothing more annoying to me than tugging at my eye area with a makeup mitt, wipe or cleanser. My eyes are sensitive as it is and any prolonged aggravation will ensure they end up sore and pink for a few days. Which I am glad to say does not happen with these. 

A few days later, the fiance and I were running some errands and I got to play with my palette again. The look I created was also simple but much different on the colour spectrum to the last one. I used Everlasting Gobstopper across the entire lid and on the lower lash line I mixed it with Mike TeaVee too create a soft lilac tone. This wasn't intentional but it still looked pretty. The fiance (for some reason) demanded I wear blue eyeliner so I picked out Urban Decay's Deviant and teamed it with a natural brow, plus a nude glossy lip from Soap & Glory.

Story Book Cosmetics Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette

My brows look like they belong to two different people 😞 I promise they looked okay before I took this photo. Why does this keep happening....

I was worried the pink was too much for during the day, but when I went to pick up some odds and ends from work, my colleague mentioned how pretty my eye makeup was. It's definitely vibrant, so to tone it down I didn't prime my eyelids with concealer as I usually would. Instead I pat out any creases from my foundation and went straight in with a tiny little bit of Veruca Salt to keep it in place.

I found that the brighter colours blend just as nicely as the darker shades, but they did tend to muddy together on the lower lash line. I think this was my fault as I layered them on top of each other, instead of doing one shade slightly lower than the other. Either way, it looked nice and much darker than in the photo. This makeup was on for about 4 hours and it didn't fade at all. On me, the pinks are first to fade but this was just as bright as in the pan.

Of course, these subtle looks aren't a true representation of just what this palette is capable of. Stay tuned to my instagram for more creative looks!

I knew I was going to love this palette but I adore it more than I was expecting. It's one of the prettiest and definitely the most interesting makeup product I own. I know I will get a lot of use out of it. The quality is there and although the price is a bit steep for 12 eyeshadows, I would definitely repurchase from Story Book Cosmetics.


  1. What a beautiful palette! Also, using lilac really made your eyes pop, it looks so nice! x

    1. Thank you! I have become a little bit obsessed with this palette


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