Youtube Channels I LOVE

Monday, March 19, 2018
Lately I've been watching a LOT of Youtube. So much so that my Netflix account keeps sending me reminders that it exists. As a result, I've become a little obsessed with certain channels...

Girl Ship TV is content made for queer women by queer women.

Youtube Channels I LOVE

One afternoon I stumbled upon the show Drunk Lesbians Watch and consumed every episode in a single sitting. After that, I took to Project Inferno and then every other video on the channel. It's fun, has that Buzzfeed feel to it and it's always great to see people other than straight whites represented in the media. It also led me to find the next channel on this list...

KindaTV is an entertainment channel dedicated to bringing you the kinda representation you just don't see on TV. We combine kick ass scripted web series like "Carmilla" and "Inhuman Condition" with wacky, whimsical and sometimes weird weekly videos.

Youtube Channels I LOVE

After watching DLW The Carmilla Movie, I had to find the channel responsible for it. I loved the series and within 48 hours had watched every episode and the movie itself. The channel has a plethora of fun yet compelling content for everyone on the sexual spectrum. It's a crime it's not more popular.

No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that.

Youtube Channels I LOVE

If you have ever met me, you will know that CinemaSins is my soul mate. I will ruin a film by pointing out everything that doesn't make sense, is stupid or annoys me. This channel basically tears apart scenes from dozens of films from those that everyone knows are terrible, to those that are cinematic masterpieces - just to let you know that they aren't that great to begin with. Love. It.

Handmade soaps & cosmetics in the beautiful Magdalen Islands.

Youtube Channels I LOVE

Ariane makes soaps, bath bombs and shower gels for her small shop on the Canadian Magdalen Islands and honestly, it's more satisfying to watch than any damn Instagram slime video. I've been following her for years. I really enjoy watching soap being sliced okay, that's just who I am.

The home of The Makeup Breakup - the original and best makeup destroying series on Youtube (and probably everywhere else!).

Youtube Channels I LOVE

Not gonna lie, I love watching Kat and Hailey destroy makeup. It's weirdly satisfying and also helpful as they figure out which brands are more reliable than others and which products work better. They also do swatch videos, to find out whether you're getting bang for your buck, as well as providing general beauty knowledge and product advice.

What Youtube channels do you love?

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