Mixing All Of My Liquid Makeup Together

Disclaimer: This is definitely not my idea, all credit goes to Safiya Nygaard

So the idea of mixing all your makeup together and wearing the results has been floating around the makeup community since mid-2017. I've desperately wanted to try it out but the thought of repressing my own powders is definitely off putting. As well as melting down and reforming lipsticks. I just don't have the time for that. The easiest way for me to do this would be to mix together all the liquid products - excluding mascaras. So primers foundation, concealers, liquid highlighters and lipsticks.

Now, as you've probably seen during my De-Clutter back in December, I don't have a whole lot of base products to begin with. But I do have a fair few liquid lipsticks, so that will probably be my pièce de résistance. 

These are all the items I will be using in the experiment and mixing them together in the clean lid from my colour switch:

Mixing All Of My Liquid Makeup Together

*I didn't include the Jeffree Star lipstick as it stains terribly

I started with primer. There isn't much to see here. I found that it smelled really nice - mostly of the post-shave balm - but I needed to use twice as much product as I normally do. It settled down but didn't blur any of my pores as the ELF usually does.

Mixing All Of My Liquid Makeup Together

I debated whether to include the highlighter as it didn't make much difference underneath my foundation, especially since I then set it with a powder highlighter. So I didn't bother.

After that came foundations. I only have 4 and 2 are the same in different shades. The colour match looked okay in the tin but it VERY quickly oxidized on my skin, at least half a shade. It filled in my pores and was a medium coverage. Its about the same shade as the ELF foundation but settled to a demi-matte finish which I really liked, but it didn't set properly with powder and remained a little slick. Wherever I touched my face foundation came off.

Mixing All Of My Liquid Makeup Together

I don't have many concealers either and I'm not keen on any of them. The Christian Breton is much darker than my skin tone so I imagined that it would balance out the highlighting effect of the slightly paler ones. I wasn't wrong. It also made it extremely cakey and sat on top of my pores, leaving small holes in the product. I used a brush, my fingers and a blending sponge to sort this out and eventually it ended up looking okay, but didn't give enough coverage around the eyes.

Mixing All Of My Liquid Makeup Together

I completed the rest of my makeup using my usual products and then it came time to do the lipsticks. This was much quicker and easier than I thought it would be. It also made me realise I have a lot of purple toned lipsticks...

I gave up blending with the bottom of a makeup brush and ended up mixing it with my fingers. It was very difficult to apply with a lip brush and felt more oily than I'm used to, which I suspect is down to the Makeup Geek lipsticks. Eventually it felt like it had set on my lips but when I kissed the back of my hand, it showed it was nowhere near dry at all. It also ended up patchy and very similar in colour to Pandemonium by Urban Decay (which I have in a traditional lipstick).

Mixing All Of My Liquid Makeup Together

This is the final look:

Mixing All Of My Liquid Makeup Together

Mixing All Of My Liquid Makeup Together

I'm living for my highlighter. The purple doesn't pick up on camera very well.

Would I do this again? No, but it was fun to test out.


  1. What a fun experience! I don't have a lot of liquid products so I can't do this but it's so much fun seeing others results. The lip color looks pretty, it's a shame it didn't dry down or anything.

    1. It was fun to do. You could always try powders. I read a thing and repressing with baby wipes - which isnt ideal but for one use its not bad :)


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