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Monday, February 05, 2018

I've been doing a ton of reviews lately and not so much of the fun stuff, so I thought I would break it up a bit and do a tag. I haven't actually been tagged in anything, but since when does that ever stop me. I did a little online search and came across The 30 Question Beauty Tag on The Beauty Section, it looked like it might be interesting.

The Beauty Tag

1. Do you remember your first makeup item?
The first piece of makeup I remember is an Avon eyeshadow. It was shimmery silver and fell out everywhere. I remember loving it and hating wearing mascara so I seemed like some weird alien.

2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications?
I like a non-smudging formula that gives volume and definition without being clumpy, and removes easily. I've not found my perfect mascara yet, but Clump Crusher by Covergirl is almost there.

3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from a foundation?
I like a high medium. Full coverage makes me feel like I'm wearing a mask and light coverage seems a bit pointless.

4. Favourite high end brand?
I haven't tried many high end brands, but one I love is Urban Decay. Their eyeliners are pigmented and long wearing - their the only ones that don't make my eyes water. I also adore their eye shadows. I mean look:

5. What cosmetics brands have you always wanted to try but still haven't?
Nars, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Physicians Formula, KVD,YSL, I could go on.

6. Favourite drugstore brand?
Right now, I'm really enjoying Soap & Glory. Their foundations and concealers are a bit lackluster but they make up for it with gorgeous powder products, skin care and body care.

7. Do you were false lashes?
No, they kind of creep me out if I'm honest. There seems something a bit wrong in sticking fake hair to your face. I do love how they look on other people but I can't get passed the weirdness of it. I'm also horrified by false nails and hair extensions.

8. Is there any kind of makeup you can't leave the house without?
Not at all. I've gone years without wearing makeup. I don't think of it as some sort of crutch. Makeup is fun, it's not a necessity.

9. What is your most cherished beauty product?
Other than my Urban Decay Vault, my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is well loved. It was a gift from a friend. I was really touched by the thought that went into it. It's something that I will never part with.

The Beauty Tag

10. How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there, or get lots of goodies at once?
Any answer other than all the time, and both, will be a lie. I pick up a lipstick here and there if I'm out. But if I'm online and I need one thing, I will inevitably end up buying 10 things. I'm always open to makeup shopping.

11. Do you have a "beauty budget" or do you spend freely?
I definitely have a budget. It would be nice to buy whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted but that's not possible. I keep single item purchases under £10 and have a total amount I allow myself to spend, unless I have birthday/Christmas gift money that's for whatever I want.

12. Do you utilise coupons, reward cards and sales when you shop for cosmetics?
Yep. A big part of my makeup shopping is spent keeping costs down. It's why I like Superdrug so much. They always have a million offers on and when I have no money but need the essentials, I can spend the points accrued on my store card.

13. What type of product do you buy the most of?
I go through phases. For a long while I bought nothing but lipsticks, but right now I'm all about mascaras. I can't have enough of them.

14. Is there a brand you absolutely can't stand?
This is probably controversial but I don't like L'Oreal (the brand, not the umbrella corporation). None of their products ever agree with my skin, hair etc. The only thing I have left in my collection is a True Match Highlighter and its not really a favourite. I've only held on to it because...wait...I don't know why I still have it.

15. Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics, like parabens or sulfates?
No...should I?

16. Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?
Superdrug for every day makeup and Beauty Bay for something special.

17. Do you like trying new skin care products or do you keep a certain routine?
I LOVE skin care. I'm all about testing out new things, but there are certain products I do go back to. Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Moisturiser is one of them.

18. Favourite bath and body brand?
Soap & Glory. They're fantastic and affordable - I only wish they didn't use microbeads as they are so bad for the environment.

The Beauty Tag

19. If you could only buy from one brand, which brand would you choose?
Probably Soap & Glory. Everything they make is high quality and whilst some of their products aren't my favourite, they are still good and get the job done.

20. What brand do you think has the best packaging?
I really like Benefit packaging. I haven't really tried much from them, but they are aesthetically appealing and the product names are fun.

21. Which celebrity always have great makeup?
Shay Mitchell always has amazing makeup. It also helps that she's stunning. Her natural smokey eye looks give me life.

The Beauty Tag

22. Do you belong to any online makeup communities?
A few Facebook groups, but I don't really get too involved. Regardless of what part of the makeup community you're in, there's always a lot of drama and I'm not about that life. Plus, I don't really have the time.

24. Do you like multi-functional products like lip and cheek stains?
No, but mostly because I've not tried any - other than an ELF thing they don't make anymore (spoiler alert: it was rubbish). I've never been a fan of the idea, more than anything.

25. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Yes, my eyebrows. I just can't seem to get them right and spend half my time concealing mistakes on the tail end, or fixing in the inner part when I've inevitably drawn all over the place.

26. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
Just a concealer. Why bother with primer when concealer is pretty much the same thing?

The Beauty Tag

27. How many hair products do you use on a typical day?
If its a day when I wash my hair I use shampoo, conditioner, frizz serum, heat defense spray and hair spray. So 5. If it's a non-wash day, maybe hairspray or dry shampoo.

28. What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?
Foundation. When I was younger and didn't know better, I would put on concealer first and it never looked right. But I've been foundation first since the mid-00s.

29. Would you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Yes, I would love to! I'd love to learn how to do my brows like a pro, master winged eyeliner and perfect my base makeup.

30. What do you love about makeup?
It's fun. You get to play with pretty products and make yourself look dramatic, or just enhance your natural features. There's so much versatility and diversity within makeup. I think people forget that you can do whatever you want with it and that there are other looks out there that aren't necessarily current trends.

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