Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

Okay, okay, okay. So I said I was going to be more aware of consumerism and how what I buy affects the planet. To a degree, I have curbed my spending habits, but I worked hard for my money this month and I wanted to treat myself. Deal with it.

I'm not crazy about my mascara collection. I have a lot and only two that I like. My favourite Covergirl Clump Crusher needs throwing out and with no backup to grace my mediocre lashes, I had to find another product I would love but is just as affordable. I did my research and it was a toss up between Maybelline Lash Sensational the Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara. I decided to go for the latter as it was new and suprisingly, I love the millenial pink packaging. It's a bit KKW-esque, which I'm not mad about.

Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

Give in to total lash temptation! New Total Temptation Mascara from Maybelline New York. For ultimate length & volume! With a creamy whipped formula enriched with coconut for lashes that feel softer and more conditioned and nourished  - Boots

It's supposed to give you fluffy, defined and voluminous lashes. I faffed with the dry wand on display in store and it was so soft - it won me over completely. I'm not a fan of the spiky mascara wands as I'm prone to stabbing myself in the eye. One thing I did find interesting is that it's supposed to smell like coconut. Which you have to agree is weird for a mascara. To some degree it has the faintest, coconut scent. It doesn't remind me so much of the fruit, but more like these old school snacks:

And even then, the scent is barely anything at all, over that typical mascara chemical smell. I'm not really into it. It seems a tad pointless. But I own peach scented eyeshadow palette so who am I to judge what Maybelline want to do with their mascaras.

The wand in the tube is bizarre. It looks like it has fibres but these turned out to be clumps. I'm not totally opposed to clumpy mascaras, as long as they perform decently. But, I was a bit worried about application. I'm not the neatest with a mascara, so I like something that minimises the damage if I smudge or sneeze, or whatever.

Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

This photo isn't the best. I couldn't get my camera to focus on the wand properly.

The formula is a bit strange as well. It's not thin, nor thick. It's not wet or dry. It's in between. I liked it. It made it easy to apply as little flecks didn't end up all over my face, it gave volume and definition but was still easy to comb through and fix any particularly clumpy sections. I only ever use one coat of mascara (I hate having heavy lashes) so what I was after a product that do it all with a few swipes.

I'm not disappointed.

Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

My lashes look lengthened (not amazingly because they are very short to begin with), they are visibly thicker than normal and not incredibly separated but definitely defined and a little fluffy looking. This was after a lot of clean up as I poked myself in the eye and ended up looking a bit Clockwork Orange...

I do not recommend this for the bottom lashes if you are clumsy or have small lashes (or like me, both). The wand is a little on the chunky side and the bristles are all over the place so it's hard to get close enough without smudging it on the lower lash line. I used it this time, but went in with Essence All About The Eyes every other time I wore it.

In the above photo, I put this makeup on around 12pm and did nothing more strenuous than shopping for a baby shower, and then spending 3 hours watching Youtube videos in bed with both cats and the fiance. This is how it looked after about 6 hours wear...

Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

They still look fluffy, but less clumpy and not as voluminous in general. But, for the length of time I'm impressed. My lashes end up drooping quickly with most mascaras anyway. Under my eyes look pretty dark, but that's a combination of the bad lighting and my concealer wearing away. I was using the NYX HD Concealer and I'm not sold on it.

There was no smudging to speak of and one solitary tiny flake of mascara underneath my left eye which is nothing at all. Colour me surprised. Usually I end up with a panda-like smudge under my left eye as I tend to scrunch my eyes up a lot, or black flakes all over my face from the tips of my lashes brushing off against my glasses.

I took this off with a microfibre makeup removing mitt and for the first time, the mascara after removed. The only residue was the tiniest little bit - and I cannot stress tiniest enough - when I cleansed with Face Soap & Clarity. With any other mascara I've tried, I end up using a makeup remover afterwards (normally micellar water) and there's always loads left on the cotton pad - as well as on my lashes. I hate tugging at my eyes to remove product so I usually let the leftovers be, but there was nothing left to worry about.

All in all, I'm really happy with the Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara. It's very black, the wand is easy enough to use, it makes my lashes voluminous and fluffy without emphasising any patchy sections of my lashline, it doesn't break down as fast as other mascaras and it removes incredibly quickly without putting in any effort. I've tried a LOT of drugstore mascaras and this is undoubtedly one of the best I've come across in a very long while. 


  1. I'm glad this worked for you! Finding new mascaras is so difficult.. I just bought one from Rimmel that I'm going to try, hopefully it'll work. x

    1. It's called Extra Super Lash or something like that, it was the cheapest I could find :')

    2. Oh i think i've tried that! Let me know what you think of it


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