Finding My Style

Finding My Style
As I mentioned in my 2018 Goals, one of the things I want to do this year is figure out my personal style. The last time I had my own look I was a teenager, with disposable income out the wazoo, and my only intent was to look as different to the mainstream as possible, without being a goth. Which wasn't too difficult. It just involved a lot of layering, Converse shoes and baggy jeans with braces on them (that I still miss to this day, they were so comfortable). My go-to look was a tartan skirt, tights, black converse and a black vest top with a giant, old Blink 182 hoody that still smelled like the cider someone spilled on me at the concert I wore it to. This was back in 2005/2006 when small town "alternative" kids were considered weird and possible devil worshipers. I shit you not. People actively avoided me on the streets for no apparent reason. 17 year old me was shy af and never hurt a fly.

But it's been 12 years and I'm not that lil alt kid anymore. I'm a grown woman who struggled through her early 20s on little to no money and now finally has a decent amount of leftover cash after the bills have been paid most months. I spent my younger years in the cheapest possible clothes that were just in style enough so that I didn't have to replace them too often, and in the clothes gifted at birthdays and Christmas. This was usually basic skinny jeans (because you cannot find boot cut that aren't designed for 50+ women anymore), an easy to wear top, Converse, old boots or flats and a black hoody, cardigan or winter coat.

To be honest though, I've never been one to follow trends anyway. I've always worn what I wanted. My look has never been particularly progressive. But I'm tired of just wearing whatever because it's easiest. I only truly appreciated the novelty of ~fashun~ when I had to wear a uniform to work every damn day. When I had to wear my own things, I realised I didn't actually like the majority of them.

Every New Year's Day for the last few years, I've done a clear out. I empty my wardrobe of any clothes, shoes and accessories that I haven't touched in the last 12 months. Everything in good condition goes to a local charity shop. This year was a complete revelation.

Post-Clear Out: 2017 vs 2018
Finding My Style
As you can see, nearly all of the shoes, belts and bags are gone (a pair or two were downstairs but that was it), most of the jeans are gone and I've had several new pairs in the year. I threw out all but about 20 tops, jumpers and cardigans - again I replaced a few throughout the year anyway. There were still some clothes in the washing pile at this point.

This is a cross section of my Clothes Etc Pinterest board. It seems like I favour blacks, whites, greys and khakis. The only pattern I usually go for is stripes. I prefer lightweight jumpers and boxy t-shirts with slim fit jeans and a casual shoe or ankle boot. I'm also not a fan of accessories beyond a bag and a scarf, or sunglasses. So, to a degree, I have a style. But, this doesn't mean that I enjoy wearing these types of things - only that they are aesthetically pleasing. You can appreciate something on someone else, but hate it on yourself. 

Finding My Style

So what I've decided to do is, every month, buy myself at least one item from this board and then pin two more that I could see myself wearing based on that. By doing this, I can see if my style changes and I can build a collection I might actually want to wear. I also want to incorporate more skirts and dresses, especially for the summer, as well as more casual shoes that aren't Converse.

Once I have my new item(s), I will style it with clothes from my current wardrobe, in a few different ways, to find out if its definitely something I enjoy. Every so often, throughout the year, I will write an update post with my favourite looks, decide which items I loved and discuss any that might be mistakes. I'm really looking forward to picking up my first item. I'm torn between the lacy, dual sleeved black shirt, or the black brogues.

So that's it from me for now. I guess I'll update you in a few months!

What's your style?

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  1. This is such a great idea! And I feel like the last time I had a proper style before now was when I was an emo kid too haha. My style is either my acid washed jeans with a black top, or just black on black on black on black on bl--- you get the idea!


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