4 Reasons Why I Don't Like Youtube Beauty Gurus

What's it been, a few months since my last rant?

I've been using Youtube since it was very first launched back in 2005. I've seen the rise and fall of trends and channels - in particular the beauty community. Back when it began, it was mostly grainy tutorials of basic/intermediate looks with the occasional professional channel. Now everyone and their mum has their own version. Which is not a bad thing at all, I love that there's so much variety and that everyone has the chance to host their own platform, discussing their passions.

However, for the most part, that's not what the community is about anymore. The gurus have had a hand in changing things from being a supportive, helpful side of the internet, to what it has become. Obviously this isn't about all popular beauty channels as a lot of them are as interesting and sincere now as they were in the beginning. This post is about the people that are part of the machine, for lack of a better word.

Here are 4 Reasons Why I Don't Like Youtube Beauty Gurus anymore.

1. Cookie Cutter Videos
Boyfriend Does My Makeup, Boyfriend Buys My Makeup, Monthly Favourites, Full Face of First Impressions, Full Face Of Insert Brand Here blah blah blah blah yawn. I don't want to watch the same video fifteen times from fifteen different youtubers giving me the same bland information on the same uninspiring products while they do the same basic makeup looks. The worst of this was when the ABH Subculture palette was released and every single one of the beauty youtubers I'm subscribed to posted a video about it that week. I learned no new information. I just saw several fake shocked reactions. Further more, every makeup look they do is "safe" and exactly the same as the last one. No one takes risks and tries crazy, inventive looks. It's always glowy base, neutral shadow, winged liner, false lashes, nude lip. Which yeah, is nice, but it is creative? No. Is it interesting? No. Do I care? No.

2. Wastefulness
This is a massive bug bear of mine and the reason I've unsubscribed from a lot of big gurus. It really pisses me off when they buy a product they know is going to be terrible just to talk about how terrible it is and use it, then return it, knowing full well it's going to be thrown into a skip around the back of the shop, or just throw it away anyway. "I don't know why anyone would want this, I'm not even going to donate it" WHY. Are you that arrogant that you think your opinion is the only one that matters and someone else couldn't possibly disagree with you?

3. "You Need To Buy This"
5 Reasons Why I Don't Like Youtube Beauty Gurus

I did make this terrible gif, yes. This is the only true way I can express my complete irritation with this phrase. Kermit is my fiance in this scenario.

I only watch these videos for basic entertainment purposes and to research things I'm actually considering buying already. The second someone says this I decide I'm never buying that product and never watching another one of their videos again. And this is me, a grown adult woman who knows better than to listen to some random person on the internet. Kids who are into makeup and take all their advice from people they think they can trust, are going to get their parents to buy them stuff, or spend their own money on all these things that probably aren't even that great, just because a guru told them to. Which feeds into number 4...

4. Money, Money, Money
Everything on Youtube is about cash these days. Since it was bought out by Google in 2006, it's slowly become just another money making scheme that people buy into. I think it's great you can earn a living from social media, but it's also lost what was so different about it in the first place because of that. It was supposed to be a free source of content and creativity. Now everything is monetised. With the beauty community, this comes in the shape of the fucking ridiculous monstrosities that are PR unboxing videos and the somewhat controversial affiliate codes. Some people only use products they receive in exchange for reviews, or that they can earn a buck from when their followers use their code to buy something they've recommended. More often than not the products they're hawking are pure crap. It sickens me the way greed has overtaken the desire to help people. These gurus obviously once had a passion for makeup and now most of them are clearly bored, they are only there for the money and a lot don't even bother to hide it well.

Honorary Mention
Those stupid edited thumbnails with superimposed products and annoying captions like "Omg" "Ew" WTF" "THE WORST". They look like they are made by 10 year olds. Just stop. You are not Paris Hilton and this is not 2004.

On the flip side, there are loads of great small beauty Youtubers that consistently post quality content that's different and creative. Here are a few of my favourites:

One big Youtuber that always posts unique content (that's constantly being ripped off!) is Safiya Nygaard, who used to be a big part of the Buzzfeed LadyLike team. Her channel is full of interesting videos that no one else is doing.

What do you think of the Youtube beauty community?


  1. I agree with pretty much everything. Saf is one of the few I still follow at this point. Her and rachhloves because I just love her energy.

    1. I love rachloves too! She is still so excited by makeup. Its so rare


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