The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

I've been on the look out for a new foundation for a while. What I wanted to do was buy a higher end one, which meant I would have to venture forth into Liverpool or Manchester and at Christmas time, that's just a disaster. So I decided to find a decent one online that if it turned out to the wrong shade, I wasn't too bothered about. After a tiny amount of research, I decided on The Ordinary Coverage Foundation which includes SPF 15.

The most difficult part of this was choosing the shade. I read other people's reviews, watched a few vlogs and finally decided on 1.1N, which is the fair with neutral undertones and the third lightest shade out of 21.

A lightweight, full coverage foundation.

Available in 21 shades, Coverage Foundation SPF 15 is suitable for all skin tones. Rich and buildable, this cream like texture smooths seamlessly over the skin to even, conceal and disguise fine lines and wrinkles.

Those are a lot of promises for a £5.95 foundation.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

I really like the packaging. It's matte plastic without the unnecessary lid, but it still has a twist lock feature for the pump.

With all full coverage foundations, less is more. I dispensed about a third of a pump on to the back of my hand to check out the shade before applying and immediately worried that I'd gone too light. I decided not to use primer on this occasion as I don't always wear it and tend to get a better feel for a product without it.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

I applied this and another half pump to my face and bounced in with my Real Techniques blending sponge (not pictured as it could do with a good wash). 

I was pretty impressed with the coverage. It isn't full as my freckles show through completely, but it hides most of my blemishes (except for the massive spot on my temple). It blended out so easily, I've never had a foundation that required so little work. The end result is demi-matte and I really like it. I do have combination skin but matte foundations make my cheeks dry, so this offers the best of both worlds.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

I didn't notice at the time, but after taking this photo, my foundation had already oxidized a shade. You can mostly tell around my mouth as the skin there is more yellow toned than the rest of my face. It's not too dark and I can lighten it with concealer in future, so I don't mind. Next time I will definitely choose the lightest neutral shade, 1.0N.

The product settled nicely around my nose and I did apply another thin layer on my cheeks to get this level of coverage, as I have a lot of redness there. It's barely peeking through and I'm pretty pleased with it. With the rest of my makeup done, I found that it definitely seemed darker. Maybe another shade, so now two shades darker than my neck. Which is a bit of a disappointment. 

The other products went on top of it like an absolute dream. Everything blended perfectly, the powders went on smooth. My pores and fine lines looked slightly blurred. It didn't do much for the texture on my cheekbones but that's what I use primer for. I'm definitely impressed.

The finished look:

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

I checked it again around 5 hours after application and a little oil had come through, but not a massive amount. I also had a little creasing around my nose, but nothing crazy. I think that it would last fine all day with a setting powder. It definitely is one of the better foundations I've tried in the last 12 months and I will be incorporating it into my makeup routine.


  1. It looks really nice! It's a shame that it goes darker though, I haven't seen anyone mention that before so that's good to know!

    1. It didnt go as dark as I thought it had. I tried it with a primer and it barely oxidized. It could just the that particular shade. Its workable though


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