Spa Expressions Charcoal Infused Body Wash Cloth

Body scrubs are my favourite beauty product of all time. I love them more than makeup, more than the softest of softening conditioners. I go through a lot of them, but I had never before tried a body wash cloth. I received the Spa Expressions Charcoal Infused Body Wash Cloth from my mum on my birthday this year and I was intrigued. And also very excited.

Spa Expressions Charcoal Infused Body Wash Cloth

Spa Expressions Charcoal Infused Body Wash Cloth

I couldn't find anything out about this online, even using the website on the back of the packet. So it's most likely been discontinued. However, I do know my mum bought this from TK Maxx, so if after reading this review you're interested in picking one up, it's somewhere to start.

You use this cloth by either lathering your body and rubbing it over the skin, or dispensing shower gel directly onto the cloth and cleansing as you would with a shower puff. When dry, it feels a bit painful, but once soapy, it scrubs the skin without scratching at the skin.

Once unfolded, this is absolutely huge. It's about the length of a bath towel, and about a quarter of the width. The cloth itself is stretchy, which makes it easy to use on your back. It's very porous and water seeps through, so that it rinses and dries very easily.

After using this, my skin is soft and smooth - the effects last for days!

I honestly never thought of trying cleansing cloths before. My go-to scrubs are usually Soap & Glory (because they really are the best) and Lush Sugar Scrub (it smells amazing), so it's nice to have a reusable, sustainable option. I'm not sure if the charcoal has any effect (other than rinsing out grey water the first time I used it), but my skin has never felt so lovely.

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