Christmas Collab with Lushtivity

Thank you so much to my fave blogger Lise. Please check out her blog, it's amazing and she creates so much interesting original content.

Hi there! My name is Lise, I have a blog called Lushtivity and I'm so happy to get the chance to do a collaboration of sorts with Michala. She's one of my absolute favourite people and I'm looking forward to reading her own post over on my blog too. Today I'll be looking at some beauty trends themed around this time of year. 

When it comes to holiday beauty trends, and especially ones for Christmas, there are two that I just don't like, or just don't understand. One is the Christmas tree brows, the other is the candy cane liner.

Christmas Tree Brows

Christmas Collab with Lushtivity! 

Christmas Collab with Lushtivity!

How and why this trend started, I honestly don't know. I've seen numerous pictures of people doing their brows in just as many ways to make them look like Christmas trees. A lot of them do it the same way as the feather brows, brushing the hairs in opposite directions to create "branches". Others just fill in their eyebrows with green eyeshadow and makes it kinda look like tree branches. Again, why? I tried the latter, filling my brows in with a dark green shadow and dotting on some ornaments and kinda making a gold star at the top. I even added in the brown tree trunk. Does it look good? No. Do I want it to look good? No. So why did I even do it? Because I was curious and maybe it would make me feel different about it if I did it myself too. Spoiler alert: It didn't.

Christmas Collab with Lushtivity!

The metallic shadow "ornaments" and the star looked kinda pretty in the right light though, but it's not enough to justify just how bad it looks.

Candy Cane Liner

Christmas Collab with Lushtivity!

This is another trend that I just couldn't wrap my head around. The matte white and red just looked really tacky to me and I really dreaded having to try it out. (Un)Fortunately for me, I only had metallic eyeshadows to work with, because I don't really use any liquid eyeliners. I used a small eye shadow brush and a bit of setting spray and applied the metallic white shadow first along my lash line, making it a little bit thick so I could layer the red on top. It was very messy to apply the red so I had to do quite a lot of cleanup after I was done, and it wasn't really that easy to make it look like a line instead of just blogs of red.

Christmas Collab with Lushtivity!

It didn't end up looking too bad and I definitely like the metallic finish of it way better than the mattes I've seen everywhere. I guess I'm just a sparkly spirit? Maybe, I do prefer a good matte eye look too, just not when it comes to candy canes. I also wanted to do a proper cane shape at the end but it wasn't really possible when the eyeshadow brush wasn't precise in its application at all.

Have you tried any Christmas inspired beauty trends? Which ones did you like/hate?

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