The Best Online Beauty Shops?

The Best Online Beauty Shops

I buy a lot of beauty products online, mostly because my town has one dedicated shop and I can't be bothered travelling somewhere else to buy something. As you can imagine, I've become pretty familiar with many of the websites that offer the products that I want. So, I thought I might compile a short guide to the best places to shop for beauty products online.


The Best Online Beauty Shops

- Cheaper than most other shops
- Always has PLENTY of really good offers on (like the 3 for 2 on all cosmetics)
- Lots of choice
- The point card has brilliant member offers, you can spend the points as part of the transaction, unlike other stores where its either points or cash. More points per transaction that other stores. Also offers free delivery when you sign up
- Truer colour representation of foundation shades

- The website has a lot of errors and the layout isn't ideal (they have single listings for each foundation shade, instead of grouping them under one item and having you choose the colour)
- Not much in terms of delivery options and can be pricey if you don't want to wait a week for Royal Mail to turn up, or don't have a store nearby to collect from
- The stock levels are hit and miss. Sometimes you just can't get things online

What I like most about Superdrug is that they have everything from the cheapest of the cheap, to a few high end brands. For example, MUA and The Balm, Nivea and Manuka Doctor. You can get everything in one place and the Christmas gifts are fantastic - especially if you get them in the offer periods where most of them are half price. They always have a ton of different deals on all the time, so that you never spend over the odds for anything. If you're into drugstore products, this is the place to go.

Try it if: you're on a budget but still want decent products
Avoid if: you don't have the patience to deal with the website


The Best Online Beauty Shops

- Lots of choice from drugstore brands to high end
- Only store based chain that sells Soap & Glory and NYX in the UK
- Amazing own brand range
- Good Christmas deals

- Overpriced. Way overpriced.
- Delivery options are expensive for what they are
- Special offers don't save you much money and they rarely have discount codes unless you're spending a hell of a lot of money
- Points card is not the best; hard to accrue and can't spend in conjunction with cash

Boots is the place I go to when I can't get what I want from anywhere else, and even then it's somewhat reluctantly. I'm not a huge fan because it's definitely way overpriced. They rarely have offers on and even their own brand line can be a little bit pricey. I do like Boots for skin care, mostly because they have a lot of different options, carry Soap & Glory and the Essentials Cucumber wipes are the best cheap ones I've ever used.

Try it if: you like the option to mix and match high end with drugstore
Avoid if: you want to save money on the basics

- Fantastic range of hard to find products
- Speedy delivery and not too expensive
- Website is well laid out and its a great shopping experience
- Excellent customer service

- The price can mount up if you're not careful

Have I mentioned that BeautyBay is one of my favourite places to shop online before? Probably only a thousand times. Its the type of place I go to when I want to treat myself to something on the fancier side. They have lots of brands that you can't get in the UK, and some that you would have to travel to a city to find (Mario Badescu for example) and their courier is the same as Boots, costs the same, but is a hell of a lot more efficient. Literally the same woman delivers for both companies in my area and even if I order on the same day, BeautyBay always gets delivered well before any other. Their customer service is the best, I've never had any issues but did contact them once to find out about the contents of a skin care item as it was unclear - they were incredibly helpful.

Try it if: you're looking for American or Korean brands you can't easily find in the UK
Avoid if: you're on a budget 

What are your favourite places to shop for beauty products online?

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