The Happiness Tag

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Happiness Tag

I was tagged by Lise aka Lushtivity. I love her blog and you should definitely check it out, if you haven't already.

The Rules
1. List five things that makes you happy
2. Share five songs that makes you happy
3. Tag at least five bloggers that makes you happy

5 Things That Make Me Happy
  1. 3am trips to McDonalds with the boyfriend.
    We're late night fast food fiends in recovery, and occasionally we're both awake and hungry enough to venture out in search of fries. It's always when we laugh the most, tell each other stupid stories we've told a million times and just be together.
  2. Drawings from my nieces and nephew.
    They love to draw me cute pictures (mostly of my cats) and I stick them on my fridge. I'm so proud of them and they really put me in a great mood.
  3. Fresh bedding.
    There's nothing quite as satisfying as sinking into clean bedding after a long shower.
  4. Talking about books
    I could go on for days about books, authors and the like. I get so animated and into it.
  5. Getting comments on my blog posts
    I don't get many comments and even though I panic and rarely know what to say back most of the time, it still makes me happy to get even one. It's nice to know that someone has read what you've written and cares enough to start a dialogue.
5 Songs That Make Me Happy
1. Reef - Place Your Hands
2. Boyzone - Picture of You
3. The Polyphonic Spree - Section 9
4. Wheatus - A Little Respect
5. The Cure - Just Like Heaven

5 Bloggers That Make Me Happy
1. courtdoescosmetics
2. hitherdither
3. amethystrosebeauty
4. quitesimplystella
5. I wrote a book. Now what?


  1. I wish McDonalds was open at 3 am here :( I feel you on talking about books though, that and talking about games is my favorite thing to do.

    1. We have to drive about 10 miles to find a McDonalds after midnight 😂. There's nothing better than chatting on about stuff you love! I refuse to apologise for it x


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