Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum

My hair has been on the unruly side for the last few months. I work in a shop that's part warehouse, so there's little ventilation, no air con and a tin roof. Which means my hair relocated to Frizz City last September and it doesn't look like it has any intention of leaving. So, no matter what I do to my hair, it ends up a wavy, frizzy mess by the end of the day anyway. I stopped straightening it all the time (I haven't done it in weeks, when I used to do it every day) and only blow dry on the lowest, slowest setting, which means I spend a good 30 minutes with the hair dryer, as opposed to my previous 10 minute blast of hot air. I've started using hair spray (as much as I loathe it) and generally being kinder to my locks by using gentler products, a lot more heat defence sprays and dry shampoo in place of daily washing. It has helped, but the frizz is stubborn.

At CarnLIVal, I received the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum and I immediately flashed back to my teen self. I remember picking this up once at Boots when it was on sale (because 00s me only earned £4.25 an hour). I don't remember what I thought, or if I even used it more than once or twice, so I was excited to give it a second chance.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shine Serum

According to the packaging, this is a non-greasy, weightless serum that is supposed to keep frizz at bay and help your hair stay straight. I have wavy, messy, cave woman hair that's only getting crazier as I get older. I didn't have very high hopes for this.

Right off the bat, this smell gorgeous. I couldn't tell you want it reminds me of, but it has that salon quality scent you get only at the hair dressers. I waited until all the excess water in my hair had been soaked up by the towel (which took approximately an hour), before reaching for this. The serum is clear and I only used a single pump, working it through the lengths of my hair, focusing on the ends. My hair felt immediately softer and less tangled than before.

When I dried my hair, I could feel the difference already. My hair felt soft and smooth, it also dried much slower but without frizzing up. Except for the roots, because I didn't add any there. The scent lingered for a while, but was gone by morning. My hair doesn't seem to retain scents very well, unless its something I don't want to smell.

Whilst my hair is more manageable, it's still very fluffy and wild. I don't think it works well for keeping hair straight without using hair straighteners to lock it in place. I tried to blow dry straight but it never seems to work out. I also noticed that my hair felt dirty much more quickly than normal, whenever I used this. Whilst that isn't the end of the world, its annoying as it means I have to resort to dry shampoo or washing my hair sooner than I would like.

Otherwise, I really like this serum and will continue to use it. It makes my hair feel and smell lovely. I definitely think I will repurchase this in the future.

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