Argan+ Moroccan Rose Night Time Facial Oil

I've been hoarding all the skin care I've picked up over the last few months, waiting until something runs out before I try a new product. I was working through a selection of serum samples from The Body Shop until last month, when I finally ran out and needed to replace my oil/serum treatment. This meant I finally got to crack open the Argan+ Moroccan Rose Night Time Facial Oil I received at CarnLIVal, back in April. I'm aware I've been banging on about the freebies for a while, but there are just so many of them that are amazing and I am still using most of the items from the goody bags.

This nourishing NIGHT TIME FACIAL OIL helps transform your skin to leave it softer and more supple. Made from 100% natural oils, including nourishing Argan, Almond and Geranium, it helps prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines. Antioxidants and vitamins further help to protect and boost skin vitality. Fragrance free. Derma tested.

I don't have ageing or mature skin, and it's not exactly sensitive, so I was wondering what I would get out of this product. What benefits could it offer me, with my baby face? I was intrigued.

The bottle is quite nice, but the pump dispenser literally squirts the oil at you. There's no messing around. To use, you warm up in your palm and smooth across the face, neck and décolletage. You only need one pump for each application, so I can imagine this 30ml bottle lasting me a while.

The box says its fragrance free but it's not. At least not artificially. It smells distinctively floral and I assume this is due to the geranium and rose extract. I really enjoy it. It feels and smells quite luxe on the skin (even though it's affordable a £12.99 a bottle).

I've been using this two nights a week, as part of my skin care routine. I generally scrub my face with L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub, tone, treat any blemishes with a few dabs of pure tea tree oil (100% recommend trying this), pat on a little eye cream and then apply one pump of oil. I have combination skin, but it soaks in within a minute. I do find that in the morning my skin has an oily film, but once this is washed off I am glowing.

I can't attest to its anti-ageing properties as I'm only 28 with relatively youthful looking skin, but I have noticed that after using this my skin is in generally better condition. I have much fewer blemishes and my face is hydrated. I haven't had any dry patches at all whilst using this oil. Which feels like a miracle, after spending 18 months trying to get rid of the ones I caused by over scrubbing with Ocean Salt.

Overall, I'm enjoying this facial oil more than I ever thought I would. It's working wonders for my complexion and the bottle will last me a life time because a small amount goes a very long way.



  1. This sounds so good! I would probably have ended up purchasing it because of the packaging alone though, i love the moon and stars on it.

  2. Its really relaxing. I was impressed and lol yeah the packaging is nice


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