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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I've been angling at getting a subscription box for a while and honestly, I didn't want to pay over £10 a month for sample sizes. I think it's a bit pointless. So, I had resigned myself to not bothering until I saw Lydia opening The Curated Combination box. Low and behold, there were full-sized items in the box. And snacks. I knew I had to get in on that.

I ordered June's box for only £12.50, including delivery and received it within a couple of days. I could not wait to tear it open (carefully, because blog photos).
Inside the box, I received:
The Curated Combination

I am pale af, so unfortunately Medium is way too dark for me to be able to use and still look like a normal human being. I might pass this along to my mum, who often wears fake tan and isn't anywhere near as fair as I am.

Solait is a Superdrug brand (and we all know I like Superdrug) so I was pretty happy to see this in the box. Maybe I'll get a fake tan for super pale skin and try it out.

Natural Nuts
The Curated Combination
When I picked up this packet, the back split and they went everywhere, so sadly I was unable to actually eat this snack pack of nuts. Which is a shame as I love pecans, almonds and brazil nuts!

This blush is STUNNING and such a pan generous size. I'm so excited to use this! Makeup Geek are such good quality and one of my favourite makeup brands right now. I also managed to stab it with my fingernail when I was checking it out.

I've never been one for texture products for my hair, so this is something different to try out, especially since its almost summer. It also smells like coconuts.

This journal is a great size and will come in handy for planning blog posts and such, for the rest of the year. It's really cute and a good size - I'm not a fan of smaller note books.
I definitely got more than my moneys worth from this box and its something that I might  consider subscribing to in the future.

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  1. This looks so much better than the typical sample boxes!


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