Autumn/Winter Beauty Wishlist

By andhonestly - Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I've been lusting after a few things lately and I think I might just treat myself to a few, when the cash flow is right.

This black head treatment is supposed to completely get rid of congestion and lord knows I need it.

                         These shades are so beautiful, the palette is artsy af and the mirror is huge.

I love a good face mask and GlamGlow have an amazing reputation. I want to try them all!

This looks so indulgent and the price isn't too high, for such a luxury brand.

I'm in need of a new curling tong/waver and this looks like it might not actually be the worst for my hair. I'm more into waves than curls but I find them impossible to achieve without some serious heat.

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  1. Let me know if the palette is any good if you end up purchasing it! My brain is so simple nowadays; I see gold, I immediately want it :')

  2. 😂 its beautiful isn't it. I checked a few days after i wrote this post and its out of stock. But I'm holding out hope

  3. Thats a shame! I hope it comes back in stock soon then! x