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Whilst shopping for giveaway prizes, I picked one of the Organic Shop Avocado and Honey Express Shine Hair Mask for the winner, and snagged myself one as well. Priced at only £1.49, I was expecting it to be okay, but probably not the best for my hair. I usually need to use a LOT of conditioner so I anticipated running through this in two applications.

This luxurious mask is made with organic ingredients, and will help restore your hair from roots to ends while enhancing its structure and softness for a beautiful attractive glow - Superdrug (edited)

Organic Shop Avocado and Honey Express Hair Mask

Organic Shop Avocado and Honey Express Hair Mask

Organic Shop Avocado and Honey Express Hair Mask

First impressions, this mask smells amazing. I can't quite think what it reminds me of, though. It's quite floral with an undertone of honey but there's something specific that I can't think of. Either way, it's lovely.

After shampooing with Toni & Guy Cleanse Damaged Shampoo, I scooped up rougly a third of the mask and applied to my hair, avoiding the roots. Once my hair was thoroughly coated, I brushed through with a travel vent brush. I picked it up in a supermarket years ago and always use it in the shower. The plastic bits (does anyone know what these are called?) are really far apart so it mimics a wide tooth comb, but actually goes through my hair.

I left the mask on my hair for about 2 minutes, and rinsing took a while as I probably applied a bit too much. I didn't notice any difference in the shower, but once I started drying my hair it completely changed. My hair was soft and shiny, dried easily and had no tangles to speak of. I was more surprised than I ought to have been.

Usually, I wash my hair Sunday night, Tuesday morning, Wednesday night and Friday morning, as it builds up grease quickly but after using this mask, I only had to wash it on Wednesday night and Friday night. That is a massive accomplishment for me.

I tried it again, a week later and left it on a tad too long so my hair felt a little greasy from the get-go. Which was disappointing. You really do have to make sure you don't exceed the recommended time on the back of the pot, if you have naturally oily hair.

Overall, I'm so impressed and surprised by this cheap hair mask and I will definitely be stocking up on more in the future. It is currently available at Superdrug for £1.49 and Tesco for £2.50.

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