May Favourites

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 2017 Favourites

I've tried a lot of new stuff this month, most of it has been skin care, and not much has let me down...

My skin has been a dick lately, so I've been looking into new skin care that will keep it matte and won't congest my pores. I saw the new Garnier Green Tea line on Boots and immediately, I was sold. Green tea has great properties for your skin and I am in dire need. All the new range was half price so I grabbed the Green Tea Gel Wash, Toner and Moisturiser. I am in love with the wash and toner, but I'm not sold on the moisturiser. I'm kind of hard to please with them anyway. They smell gorgeous and leave my skin blemish free.

I LOVE anything that smells like sour apple and as soon as I saw this shampoo, I couldn't help myself. It was only 75p and I bought it as a back up really. I've been going to town with deep conditioning lately and needed something that would cleanse my hair, but not add to the build up. I intended to use this for days when I wanted to wash my hair and wasn't heat styling, yet I've found myself reaching for it more and more. It leaves my hair soft and easy to manage, sometimes on the frizzy side - which conditioner or a frizz ease serum will combat. I mostly use this on days off, when I let my hair do as it pleases, if I'm not going anywhere. I tried the Fresh Apple Conditioner and it was rubbish. This, however, is a great budget gem.

Face wipes aren't something I ever get excited about. They usually sting my face a bit, no matter the type or brand, and leave my skin feeling painfully tight. I picked up these wipes by accident, I meant to grab some of the Daily Essentials, and I was a bit annoyed at first because I couldn't see myself using them. However, feeling too lazy to do my normal night-time skin care routine one night, I grabbed these and I was shook. All my makeup came off quickly, easily and without any scrubbed or tugging - even my mascara. My skin was clean, clear and felt hydrated, with no need for a moisturiser. Since then, I've been using the wipes when I'm feeling especially tired and they work wonders. The scent is also gorgeous and relaxing, easing me off to sleep quite quickly.

I love a good bath, but I don't often get time for one. When I do, its less about getting clean and more about relaxing, so I look for products that will help me do that. I have a couple of products for easing me off to sleep, but I more after something that was better for chilling out whilst rehydrating my skin (and bubbles, everyone likes bubbles). I picked up this bath cream in Boots and I love it. It leaves your skin silky soft and smooth, especially after shaving. It also helps to relax and smells divine.

Soap & Glory skin care is always something that I've admired from afar, but is a bit too pricey for me to ever buy. Recently, the range had 1/3 off in my local Boots and, whilst picking up a gift for someone else, I snagged myself a bottle. To use, I dispense a pump into my hands, warm it up by rubbing my hands together, then rub my hands across my face. It literally melts my makeup. Then, I swipe away the excess with a cotton pad and cleanse etc, as normal (I'm a fan of the double cleanse). My skin looks radiant after using this. And it smells like peaches.

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