6 Beauty Products That I Will Never Use Again

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
I'm not writing this post to bash anything. These are all products that personally did not work for me/I don't like and the reasons why.

Pore Strips
Beauty Products I Will Never Use Again

Everyone, everyone told me that pore strips don't work and only make your skin worse and did I believe them? Of course not. My generation is all about the quick fix. The fastest way to get rid of your blackheads? Rip them out. The adhesive strips contain chemicals which are terrible for your skin, they damage your pores and they just simply do not work. Plus, they aren't exactly cheap. A six-pack of Biore, the market leader, costs around £8, which is absolutely disgraceful, for what is essentially paper mache.

Khol Liner
Beauty Products I Will Never Use Again

I used to have naturally watery eyes. So whenever I wore khol liner, it would run and smudge, giving me the Marilyn Manson/Bucky/Panda effect. Then, as I got older, my eyes became dry and so, kohl would irritate them, giving me bright pink eye balls. No matter which brand, my eyes were always irritated. It's just a solid no from me.

Scrubs with Microbeads
Beauty Products I Will Never Use Again

Microbeads are terrible for the environment. They pollute our oceans and kill sea life. I've read dozens of articles that express the horrible effects and about a year ago, I made the decision to stop using them and I haven't looked back. The biggest culprits of this, I've found, are Nivea, Neutrogena and high-end brands such as Clarins. There are many other alternatives to microbeads that we could be using, e.g. salt, sugar, baking powder, natural clay...I could go on.

Lip Glosses
Beauty Products I Will Never Use Again

1. Glossy lips remind me of the sickening scent of 15 girls simultaneously applying the pink Lancome Juicy Tubes in a confined space
2. If I wanted everything I own to stick to my face then I'll just use glue

Beauty Products I Will Never Use Again

Charcoal is great for super oily skin but contrary to popular belief, it sucks for combination skin. The worst culprit, for me, was Lush's Coalface Soap. The website and product reviews swore that it would even out my complexion and balance my natural oils. Instead it stripped my skin, giving me unbelievable dry patches, as well as an overly greasy t-zone. It does smell gorgeous though.

Wax Strips
Beauty Products I Will Never Use Again

Can you say agony?
I did this once, ONCE and never again. At home waxing was literally the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life. It's worse than tattoos, piercings, surgery, anything. I bought a packet of Veet waxing strips, the kind you rub together to heat up and then apply to the area. The sensitive kind, just in case. For my first foray into the world of waxing, I went whole hog and slapped that strip onto my leg. I followed the instructions to a tee and ripped it off. Even thinking about it now makes me cringe. It removed no hair at all, but did take off a thin layer of skin and made me cry. So no thanks, Veet, I'll stick to razors.


  1. There is one Neutrugena scrub, with the orange packaging, without microbeads I think, but I'm still not a fan though :D And the strips, very odd they didn't work.

  2. They just rip off hair and skin. The odd blackhead if its massive but otherwise, didnt do anything


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