Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes Palette + Orange/Blue EyeshadowTutorial

I'm partial to an eyeshadow palette and was so happy when I unwrapped the Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes palette. I received it as a gift from my mum for Christmas this year.

Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes Palette

Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes Palette

The packaging design itself is really unique, I don't think I've seen another one quite like this.

Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes Palette

Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes Palette

The colours are some I will definitely use, particularly the neutrals. They are all incredibly soft and highly pigmented when swatching, the right side being amazingly intense. My favourite, before I'd even swatched, was the burnt sienna, top left of the right side of the palette.

I'd been dying to try out the orange/blue eyeshadow look that I've seen everywhere for the last few months - I've never been brave enough to do it before. They're not two colours I've ever thought of combining as a look, but the photos I've seen always make it seem so beautiful. My only concern is that my lack of skill will ensure I end up looking like a clown. But now that I have the colours I need, I went ahead and gave it a go!
Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes Palette
As the colours are so intense, I did my eye makeup before my base so that any fall out would be easy to clean up - and I could fix the shadows without ruining my base.

I started out by priming my lids with a little bit of Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade Fair 1, right up to the brown bone. I don't use eye primer because I don't see the point, concealer works just as well (or I am I just lazy?). I set it with the creamy white shade from the palette.

Next, I brushed the matte brown as a transitional colour, using a very light hand, through my crease. This was to help the colours mesh together, and provide some depth.

Initially, I wanted to use the blue on the lower lash line, but it was too glittery for that. So, I decided to use it on my lid. I love shimmery eyeshadow but with too much of this blue glitter, I was worried I'd end up looking like Christina Ricci in Buffalo '66.

Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes Palette

As my mum so kindly reminded me a few weeks ago, this was a look I "rocked" at 17.

I started out by swiping the burnt sienne through my crease and into my outer V, to darken and intensify my eyes. I used a fluffy blending brush to swish it in place and put it to one side to use later on, for my lower lash line.

I always blend my eyes at the end, so I'm aware it looks like a hot mess and will do for a while.
Across my lid, I patted on a tiny little bit of the grey-blue shimmer shade, in the hope that the navy blue would look a bit brighter, in comparison. It wasn't very pigmented with a brush and honestly, a bit of a disappointment. All the glitter seemed to fall out when I tapped the excess off my brush, which is a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it. For this, I used a wide, stiff shading brush.

Next, I applied a fair amount of the navy blue, blending it gently so that it didn't completely overpower the gorgeousness of the burnt sienna. I used the same shading brush, after wiping off the excess eyeshadow.

With my lids done, I moved on to my brows and base, i.e. foundation etc. Once this was done and set nicely (although I could not cover my eye bags at all and it was very, very annoying), I went back to brush some more matte brown and burnt sienna along my lower lash line. I also patted some of the highlight from my contour palette into the inner corners of my eyes.

I used the original fluffy blending brush for the lower lash line, but to buff out the harsh edges, I picked up a flat top blending brush.

I didn't put any blue underneath, as I felt that it would it look too dark.

Of course, I added some of my new L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara, to tie the look together and managed to smudge it everywhere. I don't know how I feel about it yet. It's not had a fair trial to give an actual verdict right now. 

And, the finished look!

Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Eyes Palette

I really like it, which surprised me. I was envisioning an awful 00s inspired flashback, but it turned out really nice. For me, at least. The lipstick looked better in person, if I'd done it over I'd have chosen a different colour. I'm also still really unhappy with the L'Oreal True Match foundation and an updated review is coming soon.

I think the colours in this palette are stunning, but one of two of them are a little washed out when applying using a brush. But that's nothing you can't work with. My ONLY complaint is that literally all the glitter fell out of the blues when I tapped the excess shadow off my brushes. If you want glittery products then these may not be for you. Otherwise, they're incredibly easy to work with and I'd highly recommend to anyone on a budget, or just looking for new brands to try.


  1. I think you nailed the look, honestly! Plus it makes your eyes extra blue.

  2. Thank you so much! I did really like how it turned out. Forgot how fun blue eyeshadow can be. It gets neglected all too often.

  3. I havent used blue since my 'emo' phase, its such an underrated color!


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