L'Oreal True Match Foundation *AN UPDATE*

Last month, I reviewed the L'Oreal True Match Foundation in the shade 1C Rose Ivory and as I stated in the conclusion, I was going to be working with it to see how I felt. I NEVER do updates on products but I feel like this one needs another dedicated post.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

In my previous review, I commented that I had forgotten to moisturise and figured that because of this, the foundation clung to any dry patches on my skin. Which is a reasonable assumption. I had also not exfoliated for a couple of days so I thought it was because of that. I have combination skin that gets out of control incredibly quickly, if I don't constantly keep on top of it.

So, I gave it a few more goes. Each time, before using the foundation, I cleansed, scrubbed, toned, moisturised and applied primer. I used a clean Spectrum Flat Buffer brush to apply 1-2 pumps of the foundation, starting out by dotting it on my face then blending in - like I've done with many other brands.

There were several unforgiving things I really didn't like about this product.
  1. The first thing I noticed was that, despite all the prep work I did, the foundation sank into the pores on and around my nose and left what looked like holes on my skin

  2. It clung to these mysterious dry patches on my cheekbones and around my eyebrows, that weren't there before I put it on

  3. No matter how much I blended, it stayed streaky

  4. Although it's a liquid, it sets like a cream and is way too thick and heavy on the face when building any coverage

  5. If you have more than one thin layer on the skin it's an absolute chore to remove

  6. It made me break out in huge, painful spots which I've never EVER had with any other makeup product before

  7. Layering powder, blusher and contour on top made me look very cakey
Whilst the colour match is absolute perfection, it's staying power is incredible and it leaves my face matte for hours, I simply can't continue to use this foundation. Let's be honest, it's not a good product if you have anything other than flawless, normal skin. It was a massive disappointment, considering it was my first L'Oreal foundation.

I wish I had photos to show just how bad it was, but I couldn't bring myself to take any when wearing it. And it was always removed a few minutes after application anyway.

This update turned out a little more brutal than I intended, but what's the point in sugar-coating it? I'm already looking forward to the next foundation!

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