NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (KourtK Dupe?)

With my birthday money, I treated myself to a few things I'd been wanting, one of them was the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Transylvania. I've been desperate to try this one for a while, mostly because I've really loving vampy lipstick shades recently. Anything dark purple or red catches my eye.

Another reason I wanted to try this colour out is the NYX Soft Matte formula is amazing. It's a little more mousse-like than your traditional liquid lipstick, and a little bit goes a long way. Unlike other products, such as NYX Lingerie, it takes a while to dry down but once it does, your lips don't feel like they're devoid of moisture. I really hate those super drying liquid lipsticks because of that reason. The colours are all incredibly pigmented and you need only one coat for total opacity.


I love these smaller lipsticks, I find the wands easier to work with and I never ever finish a large tube anyway. The doe foot applicator, however, is not my friend when it comes to liquid lipsticks. Transylvania is very dark and not a forgiving colour when it comes to sloppy application. I'm not great with the doe foot, so it took a bit of practise to make sure I didn't have it clumped in the corners of my mouth or, have a wobbly lip line.

I found this a lot more difficult to use than lighter colours, such as Rome, because you can see every tiny mistake. However, after a few attempts, I got the hang of it and it looked pretty great if I do say so myself.


It takes a long while for this lipstick to dry down completely, anywhere from 30-45 minutes, but once it does, it doesn't wipe off easily. It also dried down a lot more purple than in the photo above.


I was on my way to see a friend and she asked where I was, so I sent her this terrible photo. I don't know what I thought I was achieving. But, you can see how much darker the colour of the lipstick is - this was about 90 minutes after application.

My only tiny complaint about these lip creams is that they don't last through a meal. We ordered KFC and it wore off, except around the lip line. Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to last through a greasy meal and I'm not at all bothered or disappointed by that. I do appreciate that for some people, it isn't amazingly practical - especially when applying dark liquid lipsticks is already a chore in the first place.

The line of lipstick that was left came off with some micellar water and was no big deal to remove, which I always appreciate. I can't stand the lipsticks that stick like glue.

I also noticed that Transylvania is not a bad dupe for KourtK by Kylie Jenner. It's not as dark, but its got a very similar purple undertone. Also, Blackberry Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream by Collection is in the same shade family, so it would be great as an alternative.

If you're looking for something that won't break the bank but is long-lasting and has amazing pigmentation, you can't really go wrong with NYX Transylvania. The formula is a million times better than a lot of more expensive brands and it won't ruin the rest of your makeup if you try to take it off.



  1. I love NYX lip products! They are amazing! Transylvania is one of my favourites. You should try Vancouver too. :)

  2. Vancouver is definitely on my list, along with Prague and Monte Carlo. I also have Rome which I didn't like too much at first but has now become my go-to every day shade

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