Kylie Lip Kit: Real vs Fake

For the last few weeks, Twitter has been going crazy with posts from people who bought fake Kylie Lip Kits from ebay and finding out that they contain weird chemicals or products. My official stance on people who pay buttons for a product that normally costs £29.99, expecting it to be the real thing, is that they're either incredibly stupid or incredibly naive.

That being said, my interest was piqued. Were the fake kits really as bad as people were making out? Or were they just being dramatic? I decided to snag myself a fake liquid lipstick from an overseas seller on ebay, and see what the fuss was all about. Originally, I wanted KourtK so that I could do a true side-by-side comparison, but it seemed to be out of stock with each seller. So I settled for PosieK. The one I bought was from a seller in China, who were marketing them as real Kylie Lip Kits priced at 99p with 29p shipping. Who are you kidding...?

It took almost a month for the delivery to turn up which, as it came from the other side of the world, was no surprise. When it eventually arrived, it was in a suspiciously real looking box and a scarily accurate tube.
Admittedly, I don't have the packaging for KourtK, my only real Kylie product, to compare it to. But I did take a look at her website and found that it is very similar to the original packaging. With the exception of the writing on the lid, which is much larger on the real one. I don't happen to have a picture of that (it's surprisingly difficult to find), but I have seen them several times, enough to know the difference.

The ingredients and copyright info has been directly copied from a real box, with the exception of the spelling mistake in the surname. Look at that Kylie Juenner failure.

The foil tabs on the bottom of the tubes are also a giveaway.The real has more of a chrome effect than the fake (sorry, couldn't get my camera to focus properly) and the writing is much bigger. It was also stuck down properly, whereas the fake was bubbled and looked cheaply done.


There was also a dent in the packaging lid, which makes a horrible scratching noise when the tube is opened. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't happen with the real lip kits as they seem to be made of a stronger material. They are definitely heavier, which is usually a tell of the product quality.


Compared to the real thing, the packaging is incredibly similar. I honestly can't fathom how much effort they must put in to manufacture such amazing duplicates when they could instead be making a product that is actually half decent. The only differences I could see were the occasional black drip pattern down the side of the tube. Even then, its only noticeable if you really look.


The doe foot applicator on the fake is a smidge bigger than Kylie's and to be honest, I like it a bit better. Hers is too small for such a long applicator and I find it really difficult to work with. Also, just by looking at these, you can see that the real formula is a lot thinner than the fake. I don't like the real formula much, it's too runny for me personally. I actually prefer the thickness of the fake.


The original smells like sweets, it reminds me a bit of Sweethearts and it's almost edible. The fake smells artificially marshmallow and not in a good way. Its sugary scent made me feel a little bit sick.
Once it had dried down (in a matter of seconds!), the fake PosieK looked remarkably similar to the real colour. It also had a soft velvet finish that was pretty nice. At this point, I started to wonder what the big deal was about the fake lip kits if they were this pigmented and pretty. Compared to KourtK (below), the finish is pretty much the same.


Like the real lip kits, it seemed impervious to water. I rubbed the swatch on my hand with some water and vigorously rubbed it dry. It barely even smudged.


I then decided to wear a little bit. Everything seemed to be going great and I was so conflicted about the quality of these dubious dupes that I was considering keeping it.


See how pretty the colour is! I compared it to the application of KourtK, which as a dark colour is a lot less forgiving but also a hell of a lot more difficult to apply. KourtK feathers but both finishes are flat matte and I actually really loved it.

But then...



I immediately removed this lipstick in a blind panic. I'd only had it on for a minute, if that. About half an hour later, I put it on again once the shock had worn off and gave it 5 minutes. It was even worse. My lips were sticking together like I'd literally applied glue.

It was also incredibly difficult to remove the second time. I had to use a harsh makeup remover instead of my usual micellar water. Even then, it smeared and took a good few minutes of scrubbing to remove. This is exactly the same as KourtK, in terms of removal, but that doesn't have gluey ingredients in it. The weirdest part was, at no point did it feel remotely sticky on my hand. I don't know what to make of that at all.

Moral of the story, kids, don't buy a fake lip kit off ebay unless you fancy gluing your lips together!


  1. The horror! I would panic and never touch it again if that happened!

  2. The worst part is I'm still half tempted to wear it 😂

  3. Girl, you're crazy! Haha. Also i nominated you in a blog awards post again :)

  4. Literally just saw that lol. Thank you so much! You always think of me


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