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Sunday, November 13, 2016
Over the last month or so, several beauty products have caught my eye. I've been keeping an eye on their reviews, checking them out in Instagram, watching Youtube tutorials with them in and generally swooning like a dainty 18th century dame, until I have the money to buy them for myself.

I've been wanting to try the oval brushes for a while. They're all over the internet and the look so fluffy and soft. Plus, a girl can never have too many makeup brushes!


I've heard nothing but great things about Sleek's matte lipsticks. Lately, I've been loving a pop of colour, as well as a good nude and as I never manage to get to the end of a full-sized lippie, these mini sizes seem perfect - for only £5!

After experiencing the formula disaster that is KourtK, I started looking out for other lipsticks of a very similar colour that are 100% better. I didn't have to look far, it turns out. Transylvania is the exact same colour and a fraction of the price! I much prefer the NYX soft matte formula to the super matte, I can't stand my lips feeling dehydrated.


This highlighter collection is EVERYTHING.

The pastel shades have an ethereal beauty about them, emphasised by their names. Purple Horseshoe and Blue Moon are stunning and I would wear the fuck out of them on the daily. So lovely, so expensive, so out of stock everywhere...

Do you ever see a thing and literally gasp because it's so pretty?

This eyeshadow palette is absolute perfection. In fact, all of ZOEVA's eyeshadow palettes are gorgeous, but the chocolate browns and dusky violet call to me. At £18 for 10 shades, its brilliant value and I can see myself wearing Delicate Acidity (top right of photo) all the time.


  1. The oval brushes look so pretty!

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