Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution is one of those budget brands that gets a bad rap. It seems that very few people know just how good they are and that they have discovered their fantastic range of dupes for high end palettes at low prices. The very first one of their palettes I picked up from Superdrug, 2 or 3 years ago, was Iconic 2, a dupe of Naked 2. To be honest, I wasn't that keen on the colours but a few weeks later, I went back and snagged Iconic 1, a dupe of Naked 1. This was a game changer.

Since then, the cat knocked Iconic 2 off my dresser and smashed it beyond repair, but Iconic 1 is still going strong. I've favoured the lighter shades mostly, but recently I've started using the darker end of the palette. I was applying my makeup one day, looking for a taupe matte, when I realised that I hardly have any matte eyeshadow shades at all. This had to be rectified.

So, when the boyfriend gave me some of his bet winnings to treat myself with, I ordered the Ultra Flawless Matte Palette fom Superdrug for just £8.00. It has 32 shades in a variety of colours.

The colours are gorgeous neutrals, which I'm 100% fine with. I'm not crazy on bright coloured eyeshadows, I prefer to stick with these types of shades.

The packaging is simple, it seems sturdy and probably won't be broken easily. I did accidentally drop it before taking the photos but luckily, the shadows stayed intact. My only complaint is that these palettes are always fairly messy inside. I had to give this one a gentle clean but there are still blobs of eyeshadow everywhere.

Top to bottom: Soft, Antique, Cool and Flaw
Top to Bottom: Oak, Nut, Sand and Nutmeg
Top to Bottom: Bark, Fawn, Taupe and Pearl
Top to Bottom: Right, Rosewood, Muse and Matte
Top to Bottom: Burnt, Rust, Warm and Shell
Top to Bottom: Wood, Bear, Mud and Chrome
Top to Bottom: Earth, Olden, Leather and Cork
Top to Bottom: Carbon, Charcoal, Smoke and Stone

The shadows themselves are so soft and velvety. They feel really luxurious to the touch, unlike other palettes which sometimes have a cheap feel to the products.

However, the colours in this palette are very, very sheer, especially the lighter shades. Pearl doesn't show up on camera at all and honestly, there was hardly any pigmentation on my arm. Carbon was also very sheer and I had to use quite a lot of product to have any depth.

Yet, whilst they appear pigmented in the palettes and in swatches, they are all but invisible on the eyes. I tried to apply a few different shades and all I got was a sheer smudge. Even the black was little more than grey. They were also incredibly difficult to blend. It was very disappointing.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes incredibly light, buildable makeup, but if you're looking for any sort of colour pay off, I wouldn't bother. The price should have been an indicator of the quality, but I have previously had a lot of great experiences with this brand so it was a bit of a surprise that it did not give any colour at all.

Overall, massive thumbs down on this one, Makeup Revolution.


  1. All the shades look very lovely! xx

  2. They look nice in the pan but :/ its not a good palette

  3. I hate when this happens, it's just very disappointing. xx

  4. Tell me about it. Wish I'd saved the money and got a Zoeva one instead

  5. Try it with a NYX white eyeshadow base or Jumbo Pencil in Milk. Those should solve the no pigment problem.


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