Lush: Haagenbath Bath Bomb

Its been a while since I've used a bath bomb. I haven't bought any in a while and my stash is starting to look a bit thin on the ground, so I'd been saving them - plus not having the time to actually have a long bath didn't help either. But tonight, I needed a that little bit of luxury.

So, I turned to Haagenbath. I bought two from the Lush Kitchen a while ago and had been holding on to them like Gollum and the One Ring. Deeply enriched with mounds of cocoa butter and smelling just like mint chocolate chip ice cream, they're too good to use and also too good to waste away in a drawer.


This is one of the larger bath bombs Lush has to offer and one of the few that I feel is personally worth the hefty price tag. This cost me £3.95, but some of their products now cost £4.25 - an increase of 30p over the course of a few months is a bit cheeky.

Boss got annoyed as I wasn't paying enough attention to him.


I dropped this in the bath and it immediately began frothing, rolling around and spewing out mounds of foam. Unlike most of the bath bombs I've had from the kitchen, this wasn't a sinker. Not once did it ever bob beneath the surface.


As you can see, there is an incredible amount of cocoa butter in these bath bombs. I got fed up of taking photos after the last one and got in the bath. Once it fizzed up, the water settled into the same pink as the photos. The bath was incredibly hydrating and I smell minty, without being overpowering.
I found that although there was a lot of butter in the water, it wasn't 'too much'. The water had a nice consistency and my skin was lovely and soft once I got out, without that oily film you can get with some buttery bath products.

I adored this bath bomb and if this was still part of Lush's regular range, I'd stock up on it all the time. Unfortunately, it's a discontinued product so we'll have to make do with the occasional Kitchen appearance.


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