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Until recently, I had no interest in highlighters. I didn't see the point and I spend so much time trying to take the shine away from my face, I sure as hell wasn't going to add any back. That was before I found Moon by Makeup Obsession and fell in love with the concept of the subtle glow. It gave me a pop of shimmer on my cheekbones and for a girl with a chubby face, it defined my structure a little. Plus, it was gorgeous.

And so, I began looking for a highlight that was a little less in your face and easier to wear with day-to-day makeup. I'd watched sophdoesnails I Am Fredom Unboxing and saw that she'd been given a range of highlighters that looked stunning. Immediately, I went logged onto the Superdrug website and brought them up to have a little nosey.

Straight away, I fell in love with the shade Diffused.


In the packaging, it looks sort of peachy but once you open it, you can tell that it's a muted mink/taupe colour that is absolutely stunning. For pale girls, highlight colours can either blend in or stand out too much, but this is the exact right shade for me.  The product design is pretty gorgeous. I love the effort companies are putting into presenting their makeup these days, compared to the product just being flat in the pan.


For only £3.00, this highlight is a bargain. It is highly pigmented, without being gritty or chunky. There's no fall out to speak of and it has no large pieces of glitter. The reflects are subtle and tiny, making this a gentle highlight that still has an impact. When I removed it, you can really see how nude the colour is compared to the photo in the pan.

I've worn it on several occasions and love how effortlessly it blends into my makeup, whilst still standing out. On the photo below, you can see hints of it on the tip of my nose and cheeks. Admittedly the lighting in my house isn't amazing, but it's still there enough that you can tell.


This highlight is lovely and I definitely see myself buying another in a different shade. For the price and pigmentation, it's definitely worth it.

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