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Until recently, Barry M was always ones of those brands that I turned my nose up at. Their packaging and products have always been aimed at teenagers and therefore I assumed would never be any good for me. They've come a long way in the last few years, providing products that are not only fun and colourful, but actually work too. So I decided that I was going to actually try something from their collection.

In need of a black mascara for evening makeup, I went online and spent ages perusing makeup, until I came across That's How I Roll for £4.99. I quickly googled it and found that it's a dupe of Benefit Rollerlash mascara, which is priced at £19.50. For a quarter of the price, I figured it was worth trying out and if it was rubbish I wouldn't have wasted much money.


I love the packaging! It's metal, not plastic and quite heavy - which makes it feel more expensive than it actually is. The applicator is very similar to Rollerlash, and flexible without being too wobbly.
The formula of the mascara is dry, by far the driest I've ever experienced and you know what? I love that too. It makes application a hell of a lot easier and it doesn't smudge on the eyelids unless you really press against the skin. You also don't get those little blobs of product that flick off onto your cheek.

Brushing this on was surprisingly easy and the mascara is really buildable. One layer gave me a nice daytime amount of volume and curl. I've been wearing one layer for work, just to give my eyes a little definition as the uniforms are quite masculine and it makes me feel a bit frumpy:


I went out for lunch with the boyfriend this week and wore a little mascara and some brow pencil, and loved how bright my eyes looked with the subtle black! Admittedly the application in the photo isn't the best, but you get the idea:


For a more dramatic look, you do need a few layers, but this is easy to do - if it starts to clump I just wiggle the brush at the base of my lashes and zig-zag as I pull it through. It makes my lashes look long and voluminous:


On the day above, I returned home around 9pm from my mum's and after being in a hot environment (she always has the heating on high) and laughing so hard I almost cried, it had smudged, but only under one eye - which leads me to think that I rubbed my eye at some point. I've never had any smudges or flaking on any other day - even after walking home in torrential rain without an umbrella it barely ran!

When it comes to removal, That's How I Roll is a chore. Because it's so dry and you can apply so many layers, it's very thick and needs a bit of work to take off. The best way I've found is soaking a cotton pad with micellar water and 'clamping' my lashes with it for a few seconds until it starts to break down, then it begins to wipe away.

One night, I forgot to remove the mascara and when I woke up the next morning, it was pretty much still the same as when I fell asleep:


It definitely has longevity, but I would not recommend wearing it overnight at all. as my eyelashes felt weirdly stiff and uncomfortable until I managed to remove every last bit of product.

Overall, this is a great budget mascara if you don't mind a dry formula and spending a little extra time removing it. I think I may have found a new favourite!

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