30 Day Make Up Challenge: Days 4 and 5

30 Day Makeup Challenge: Days 4 and 5

I've been seriously distracted over the last couple of days. There have been some major life changes going on, meaning that I forgot to update day 4 of the 30 Day Make Up Challenge. So I decided to put together days 4 and 5 in one medium-sized post.

Day 4: Four Items or Less
This is a simple go-to look that I occasionally use when I feel like crap and want something to distract myself from it. It's really simple: concealer, powder, khol eyeliner and mascara. I was popping to the shops and it seemed the perfect time to try it out. Excuse the shower hair.

30 Day Makeup Challenge: Days 4 and 5

Its not the best makeup look, but its fine for the days when you still want to wear a little but haven't got the time or energy. This entire thing took 2 minutes.

Day 5: Five Minute Make Up Challenge
This challenge has been floating about on Youtube for YEARS. Basically, all you have to do is apply a full face of makeup within 5 minutes. I don't know if its cheating, but I gathered all my products and had them ready in front of me for the second I hit the timer on my phone.

The challenge itself was pretty easy, or maybe I'm just a pro at doing my make up super fast. I didn't do too bad. I ran out of primer a few weeks ago, so I didn't use that and didn't make it to lipstick but, otherwise. In my haste, I did go a little heavy on blush and didn't really blend my eyeshadow. There was no way I would have worn it out of the house, I looked a proper mess.

30 Day Makeup Challenge: Days 4 and 5

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder
Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette: Does This Thing Really Work? and Natural Peaches
MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara

Have you guys taken part in any make up challenges? Let me know in the comments!

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