30 Day Make Up Challenge: Days 12 to 15

30 Day Makeup Challenge: Days 12 to 15

I started my new job last week and have had a fair few 5am starts which have knocked me for six, to be completely honest. I'm so tired all the time! It's hard to be motivated to do the dishes, much less anything that requires being awake and a steady hand.

To cap it off, I've been suffering with dry eye the last few days which has made doing these challenges almost impossible. It doesn't necessarily hurt but make up and make up removers do make it worse and having red eyes is not necessarily attractive. Unless you're into that. Anyway, it means that I've fallen behind in doing this challenge but, today, I managed to crack out Day 12, 13, 14 and 15 so that we're now only 3 days behind. I'm going to do a catch up on Sunday, when I have more time.

Day 12: Contouring
If you've read my brief foray into cream contouring, Contouring: A Tragedy, you will know that I'm not exactly skilled at that. Nevertheless, I want to learn, so this time I used my Swamp Queen Palette (what a surprise), specifically Sweet Tea bronzer, Does This Thing Really Work? blush and Gator Wings highlight. I skipped out completely on the concealer step because I honestly don't think it would make much difference. Or I'd look like an idiot.

To start, I applied my go-to foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix, and a little Rimmel Clear Complexion Translucent Powder. I put on probably a bit more than I should have, in hindsight I looked a bit orange. I figured that this wouldn't make much difference once I started with contour
The first of the trio I used was Sweet Tea bronzer. Using my Spectrum contour brush, I applied a tad too much on my hairline but the rest of my face seemed more even.

It definitely made my cheekbones more pronounced when my face was relaxed. I have kind of low cheekbones so I was pleased with that. When smiling it didn't make too much difference but it did hide a my baby double chin. So far, very happy. I tried to contour my nose a little but I can't tell if it made a difference. What do you think?

30 Day Makeup Challenge: Days 12 to 15

After bronzer, I used a little bit of Does This Thing Really Work? blusher on the tops of my cheekbones. This blush is incredibly pigmented so you really don't need much at all. I used a fluffy brush and was really pleased with the blending. I think it gave me just enough of a rosy glow that it wasn't too bright but was still noticeable.

Last, I used Gator Wings highlight underneath my eyebrows, on my cheekbones, down the length of my nose and on my cupid's bow. I love this highlight, its got a soft golden tone without being too warm.

My face does look quite dark compared to my neck but for a trial run, I'm pretty happy with the results. At least I know that I can actually contour with the right products.

Day 13: All That Glitters...
There are a lot of eye focused looks in this challenge and I thought, couldn't I do this as a lip challenge? I culled my makeup drawer a few months ago and, clever me, chucked out my last few remaining pots of cosmetic glitter. Clever.

I'm not about to go out and buy new glitters for one challenge. Ho, no. So I cracked open my Manly Palette and picked out some shimmery/glittery eyeshadows to pat on top of some chapstick. Please, do not do this.

30 Day Makeup Challenge: Days 12 to 15

It ain't cute but it was kinda fun to apply. I used five different shades from dark blue to turquoise and unfortunately, the camera didn't pick up the difference between the lighters shades too well. Still though, fun. It was an absolute pain to remove, though.

Day 14. ...is Gold
Although I threw away my cosmetic glitters, I did come across a few golden glittery shades across my palettes. I gotta say, I hated this one. No matter what I did, the fall out was immense and after a while, I gave up trying to clean up. Nothing quite went right and eh, there's a reason why glitter is for kids. Amirite?

30 Day Makeup Challenge: Days 12 to 15

30 Day Makeup Challenge: Days 12 to 15

This took forever to apply. Some of the shades were old so they weren't great at blending out. I used some from a Revolution palette, Fearne Cotton Palette and a Manly gold with MUA eyeliner and Rimmel mascara. The lips were a Rimmel red (idk) and some gold shimmer on top to make it more interesting. Meh.

Day 15: Going Out Look
This is a look that I LOVE but I'm a bit scared to wear out in public. Bright lipsticks are intimidating!
I used the Make Up Revolution Iconic Elements palette and Rimmel mascara on the eyes and an MUA Luxe Metallic Gloss in Spark, which has since been discontinued. Love it.
30 Day Makeup Challenge: Days 12 to 15

We're at the halfway point and I think this challenge is going pretty well so far. I need to be more organised, that much is obvious but otherwise, I'm more or less happy. I can definitely see that my skills are improving ever so slightly.


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