30 Day Make Up Challenge: Day 1

30 Day Make Up Challenge: Day 1

For the last few months, I've been getting more interested in make up and I set myself a few goals. I want to learn how to actually do the cat eye flick, master contouring and accurately follow a Youtube tutorial. It got me thinking; there are so many things I haven't tried yet that are more or less basic. And thus, my very own 30 Day Make Up Challenge was born, taking ideas from things I want to do and things that sound like a lot of fun. Each day, I'll upload a post on the look and how I achieved it. Starting with the very first one...

Day 1: Bare Faced
This is me in my natural state. The only thing on my face is moisturiser. I don't wear make up most work days as I really can't be bothered.

30 Day Make Up Challenge: Day 1

Even 3 years ago I wouldn't have dared post a photo like this online. It wasn't that I have terrible skin (I've got pretty okay skin actually), it's just that I wasn't confident that I looked okay without make up.

It took aging for me to realise that although I have wonky teeth and chubby red cheeks, my lips are majorly uneven and my eyes are tiny, I am how I'm supposed to look. And damn, that girl is kinda cute.

It takes time to learn to love yourself; and to realise that no one needs make up, but you are allowed to want it.

Day 2: Everyday Make up


  1. You look really great without makeup, i wish i had the same confidence!

  2. Thank you so much! Its 40% confidence 60% laziness to be truly honest 😂


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