7th Heaven Hot Chocolate Face Masque

Recently, I was gifted the Montagne Jeunesse Basket Full of Goodies and was chuffed to find it choc-a-bloc with face masks, bath bombs and body products. I love a good face mask as much as the next person and I cannot tell you how excited I am to try out each and every one.

7th Heaven Hot Chocolate Face Masque

The first on my list to sample was the Hot Chocolate Face Masque. This self-heating mask contains orange oil and promised to cleanse my pores whilst leaving my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.
I followed the instructions to the dot. Cleanse, leave face wet, apply, leave on for 15 minutes. True to form, I didn't bother trying this on any other body part to make sure that I wasn't allergic to it. I've never taken that step in my life and had minimal failures. The first thing I noticed is just how much it looks like melted chocolate. In fact, I felt sort of weird about slapping it on my chops when it looked so edible. I was half tempted to taste it, but I am not that stupid...

The second thing I found was that this smells absolutely amazing! As I was applying it, the self-heat kicked it and my face smelled like a melted Terry's Chocolate Orange. Who doesn't want that? I've never been a big fan of food scented cosmetics, but lately companies have been getting it right. I'm also really loving the self-heating masks right now. They're comforting and remind me of being at a real spa (which I haven't tried but would love to!).

The third thing I loved was that I only used about half of the packet. I've got the rest of it standing upright in my bathroom for another go later in the week. Not many single use sachets have enough product in them for a second application.

The mask didn't dry, or even set a little bit, which is always a bit of an issue with 7th Heaven/Montagne Jeunesse. I don't tend to buy their peel-away masks as they're never set by the time you're supposed to take them off and you end up with soggy bits of mask stuck to your hands. I prefer the mud masks to the clay based ones as they don't make your face feel so rigid, meaning I was chuffed with this one.

Rinsing was quick and easy, although I did have to wash my sink afterwards (gee, thanks 7th Heaven). My skin looked a lot clearer than I expected.

My skin is awful and I wasn't expecting to see any difference so that was a nice surprise. Most of my blemishes lost their redness and some seemed a little reduced, but that might have been more down to the heat than the properties of the mask.

About an hour after I'd rinsed off the mask, my face had returned to its usual self and although I put on some moisturiser, my cheeks were still incredibly dry and flaky. I felt really uncomfortable for a while but it eased eventually. I'm not sure I put enough moisturiser on, it could be down to that.
I would actually love to re-purchase this mask but it looks as if it might only be able in the gift pack, which retails at £9.99. Considering I probably won't use many of the other masks, it seems a bit pointless to buy the whole thing for just one. Maybe I'll give Ebay a go!

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