Bourjois Glamour Push Up Mascara

For the last year, or so, I've been using the same brand of mascara. At the end of my most recent tube I looked at it and immediately thought "I DON'T EVEN LIKE YOU". Why did I continue to purchase this product, you might ask? I'm not even really sure to tell you the truth. There's a lot to be said for routine.

I went trawling through Superdrug and came across Bourjois' Glamour Push Up Mascara. I fancied a bit more definition than my previous mascara afforded so I decided to give it ago. I ordered it and a few days later in turned up with the dreaded word emblazoned on the side.


Bourjois Glamour Push Up Mascara



I really, really hate waterproof mascara. It coats your eyelashes like adamantium, takes a millenia to remove and flakes into your eyes. Well, at least my past experience has led me to assume that all waterproof mascaras are supremely awful. What annoyed me the most was that nowhere on the products webpage does it state that this is waterproof. There are no waterproof Bourjois selections. So how did I end up with one? Superdrug Customer Services are about as useful as a chocolate teapot so I didn't even bother asking them and instead resigned myself to my hard-lashed fate. Until payday, at least.

The first opportunity to wear this product came for the LPP Event. It was the type of thing that had a good chunk of dedicated beauty bloggers in attendance and I thought turning up sans-makeup would be a little strange. I always do my mascara last and this was my first mistake.

Bourjois Glamour Push Up Mascara

This was one coat and many minutes of hastily fixing the smudges. The brush was odd and bristly, much like those fibre lash brushes that I refuse to use because I don't want bits of plastic in my eye. It was great on the upper lashes, didn't clump much and what did because of my lack of talent was easily fixed by zig zagging the brush. It made my eye lashes look incredibly long and thick, which I liked. The lower lashes, They looked like clumpy spider legs and I ended up taking most of it off. Not a good look. It also dries insanely fast so you have to get any messes fixed pronto, or it isn't coming off without makeup remover. Next time I'll have to apply the mascara first to avoid all the mess.

My eyes kept watering for some reason. I've had bad reactions to mascara in the past, but only ever cheap ones. So I'm not sure what this was all about. This is the final look after two coats of mascara and what seemed like endless smudge-removing. Its fine, I suppose but my eye lashes felt so heavy all day. I'm not at all happy with the waterproof formula.

Despite all my complaining that I've ended up with a product I didn't want or buy, I have to say that the staying power is incredible. After I came home from the event there was a lot of writing up and scheduling to do so I didn't end up falling into bed until the early hours, still wearing my make up. Yes I know, I broke the first rule. But when I got up in the morning, my mascara was still 90% there, just with a little less volume. I tried to take it off with some micellar water as I couldn't find any eye make up remover and had very little luck.

Bourjois Glamour Push Up Mascara

I would definitely buy the regular version of this mascara, if I can find it, as it gives great volume and definition. But, honestly, as soon as I buy another mascara this is probably going in the bin.


  1. I love Bourjois as a brand, may have to try this mascara out. Great review x

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