When 30 Is Creeping Up On You...

Thursday, April 28, 2016
When 30 is creeping up on you, you start to notice a few things about yourself that are a little worrying - if you care about your age, that is.

When 30 Is Creeping Up On You

I've never been one of those people to keep up with the current trends, celebrity gossip and such, honestly I really couldn't care less about those types of things. However, over the last couple of months I've done/said things that made me realise I am on the wrong side of 25.

1. My iTunes contains exactly 4 songs released after 2010
2. I still use iTunes
3. I haven't listened to the Radio One Top 40 since it was hosted by JK and Joel (I looked it up, the last time they hosted was 2007)
4. I own more more music from pre-1970 than that released during my lifetime
5. I'm not sure how to use any other music platforms
6. I don't know how to use Vine
7. Or what the point of SnapChat is
8.I asked someone what a Snooki was. In 2015.

When 30 Is Creeping Up On You

9. I'm still not 100% sure if I understood their answer
10. Flipping through a magazine in the doctors office, I didn't recognise one celebrity except Sandra Bullock
11. I read Chat magazine cover to cover on the bus once.
12. My wardrobe consists of comfortable clothes. I do not own anything "on trend"
13. Even my fancy clothes are practical
14. I own more pyjamas than day time clothes
15. The first thing I do when I get home is put said pyjamas on
16. I have a 4 point skin care routine that I stick to like it's a religion
17. I own, and use, a lint roller
18. A home cooked meal is a treat and not a burden
19. Heartburn. Oh, the heartburn.
20. Walking around the house and turning the lights off is an Olympic sport
21. Every time I see a teenager I think they're all dressed the same

When 30 Is Creeping Up On You

22. And wonder why they're not home when it's dark out and raining as I put on my sensible coat
23. Aren't they cold? Seriously
24. Hipster cafes are uncomfortable and never have proper seating. People need lumbar support, don't they understand that?
25. Why don't they have proper plates? I don't want to eat off a chopping board. I could do that at home for free
26. I would rather stay home, watch TV and eat junk food with the fiance than leave the house

When 30 Is Creeping Up On You

27. I haven't gone out "round town" in many moons as its too noisy and full of drunk children
28. Anyone under 23 is a children
29. I recently taught myself to knit and enjoyed it
30. I am getting old and I like it!


  1. OH man I can relate to ALL of these and many made me laugh out loud. I don't mind getting old either. Thanks for a great post :)


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