Top Five Albums

Saturday, March 26, 2016
Top Five Albums

Over the course of my life, I have amassed a fair collection of music. I'm not discriminate, I enjoy most styles and genres; its rare that I find something I heartily dislike. It seemed only right, after doing a top 5 in books, TV shows and films, that I discuss my favourite music. Unlike TV and film, music is closest to my heart bar literature and I found it distressingly challenging to narrow this down. Please bare in mind that the list below is not necessarily comprised of my favourite bands/musicians. It's based on how much I enjoy the album as a whole.

Released in 2003, Deja Entendu was the second album released by Brand New and the soundtrack to my 2004. I listened to this on repeat every day for months, years, and even now I'll play it when I'm feeling nostalgic or angsty. The songs are cryptic, dramatic, emotional. So very angry and effortlessly cold in many ways. With 11 tracks, this album is fairly middle ground in length but outstanding in quality.

Top Five Albums

I first watched Trainspotting in college, mid 2006 and fell in love with the soundtrack immediately. It screamed the 90s that I'd missed listening to The Box and its charted music. Dancing to the Macarena. It's indie, dark and depressing in a way that 17 year old me adored. Boasting bands such as Blur, Iggy Pop and Underworld, Trainspotting is the heroin of music. I'm sure it makes Irvine Welsh proud.
Favourite track: Temptation by New Order

Top Five Albums

I've always been a lover of Bon Jovi - who isn't? Living on a Prayer is timeless and Always is the penultimate rock ballad. But it wasn't until I received this album as a gift for my birthday back in 2010, that I truly fell in love with the band. This album is comprised of every amazing song they've released and for someone who relies on music to get them up in the morning, this is absolute perfection.

Favourite track: No Apologies

The Beatles were another band I discovered in college. I took a Film Studies AS Level and we discussed their film A Hard Day's Night, and I immediately fell head over heels with a band I would never have listened to otherwise. And, strangely enough, it wasn't until 2012 that I first heard the genius that is Abbey Road. It's, for lack of a better word, stunning. Each song flows perfectly into the next. The music is soft and beautiful in one song and powerful in the next. There is nothing quite as special as this record.

Favourite track: Oh! Darling

This is the only album I've ever owned by Foo Fighters. I picked it up for £3 in 2002, when I was first getting into alternative music. Back then, anything that wasn't bubblegum pop or Eminem was "goth" music. I wasn't a goth but I was a pretentious little 14 year old who thought she was ever so unique. Sure, 2002 me. This album has seen me through the last 14 years without ever tiring of it. Every song is a masterpiece and no matter how many times I've played it, I still adore it. If you had to choose one Foo Fighters albums, I would recommend this. It perfectly captures 1999 like no other band ever could.

Favourite track: Generator 

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