Scorpion: Season 1 Review

Recently, Mr à La Mode and I were looking for something new to watch in-between seasons of our favourite shows. We scrolled through my Netflix list and decided on Scorpion.

Scorpion: Season 1 Review

An eccentric genius forms an international network of super-geniuses to act as the last line of defense against the complicated threats of the modern world - IMDB.

Based very loosely on the life of Walter O'Brien, this show centres on the teams involvement with Homeland, resolving crimes in varyingly unrealistic ways. In the first episode for example, they hack a commercial plane's system by driving underneath it at 200mph and connect to it via ethernet cable as it flies 10 feet above a runway.

Despite the daftness, it's an impossibly fun program to watch. The characters are heart warming and although it probably won't last beyond another couple of seasons, it's the type of great easy-watching TV that I've sorely missed. Elyes Gabel is spot on as the emotionally stunted genius O'Brien - not to mention, super adorable and British. He was also a Dothraki warrior in season one of Game of Thrones and I grew up watching him in Casualty as Dr Guppy Sandhu.

Scorpion: Season 1 Review

American Idol finalist, Katharine McPhee is Paige Dineen, who is basically a glorified nanny and translates their genius things into real world stuff. Eddie Kaye Thomas of American Pie, and Stifler's Mom's vagina, is Dr Toby Curtis a psychologist with gambling problems and a cute lil hat. My personal fave is Happy Quinn played by Jadyn Wong, a tiny mechanical prodigy with a huge attitude and a chip on her shoulder. She's a bad ass and I love her.

Scorpion: Season 1 Review

Ari Stidham is Sylvester the maths whiz and last but not least is Robert Patrick, the T-1000 himself, is Agent Cabe Gallo, their handler. As a child, Robert Patrick scared the absolute shit out of me. I mean, imagine being 7 years old and feeling all grown up because you've been allowed to watch T-2 and seeing this dude...

My favourite episode of the season was Plutonium is Forever (a play on the Bond film Diamonds are Forever) in which the team has to decommission a nuclear power station before a terrorists software programme blows it up. Mostly because this was the moment I developed a tiny little crush on Gallo

Despite the predictability, the absurd situations and sometimes cheesy dialogue, it's a great watch when there's nothing else on.

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