Bath Cocktail: Honey Night Skies

My second cocktail for 2016 was Honey Night Skies. This comprised of the following:

Bath Cocktail: Honey Night Skies
Lush's Shoot for the Stars bath bomb
Bomb Cosmetics' Shooting Stars bath mallow
2 Lush Five Gold Rings bubble bars
a sample of Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids soap
and a chunk of Lush Gold FUN (not pictured).

I've had several SFTS and they share the exact same scent as HIWTK and Gold Fun - although not as strong, which I prefer as the honey can be overpowering. It's a gorgeous bath bomb that leaves the water a deep navy blue with an abundance of glitter, and your skin is delicately scented and amazingly soft afterwards. Combined with the vanilla and neroli scented FGR and patchouli and caramel scented Shooting Stars, the bath smelled absolutely delicious. The water was left a lighter blue than normal, probably due to the orange of the bubble bars.

Bath Cocktail: Honey Night Skies

I'm not usually a fan of the sweeter side of bath cosmetics. I much prefer citrusy or herby products but this cocktail was lovely. It was still quite light and the patchouli in SS offset the sweetness slightly that it didn't become overpowering and make me feel a bit ill.

I used the little blob of FUN to shave my legs with and HIWTK soap to clean up with afterwards. I'm not the biggest lover of Gold FUN. It's scent is incredibly strong, it tends to fall apart a bit when its dry and it doesn't clean as well as other FUN does, but I've got 2/3 of a block to use so it went into this cocktail. I remembered, after this bath, the reason I didn't like HIWTK soap. It's weirdly scented.

The surface note is distinctly caramel but underneath is that cheap soap smell that gets right up my nose and makes me sneeze. It also left my skin incredibly dry, even before I'd gotten out of the bath. I used a bit of The Body Shop's Vanilla Shower Gel to bring back some of the moisture to my skin.
The bath was very calming and I felt extremely relaxed for the rest of the evening. The neroli really helped me fall asleep that night. Over all, not the best concoction for someone not that into sweeter things but great if you love the HIWTK scent.

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