Bomb Cosmetics: You Can't Catch Me Bath Bomb

I am a tiny bit obsessed with bath bombs. Just a little bit. They're fun, they smell nice and they sometimes turn the water a nice colour. The emphasis is on sometimes here. I picked up You Can't Catch Me in the Bomb Cosmetics Christmas sale, solely because it promised that it smells like gingerbread. And obviously because of the cute little gingerbread man on top.

Bomb Cosmetics You Can't Catch Me

A tad smaller than Lush's bigger bath bombs, YCCM is still huge for the price. The red on top is a bath melt that dispersed through the bath, and the bottom is a very light pink. Unfortunately, in the water the pink turned brown. I used one of my Five Gold Rings which left the water a pale yellow, hoping for a mid-orange. It was my second most unimpressive bath since GTAD. It was such an off-putting colour that I didn't really enjoy my bath.

I have the Gingerbread Cookies candle with the same scent so I was chuffed when I opened this. It smells like freshly baked gingerbread men, without being overpowering and with just a hint of something floral to lighten it. I often find food scented products to be a bit overwhelming but the balance was just right. However, in the water, the scent was all but lost and all I could smell was my Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream.

Despite having the red melt and gingerbread melt, the water still felt quite rough. Which is a weird sensation for water, but there you go. My skin felt really dry when I got out of the bath so I slapped on some of The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit Body Puree which FYI smells absolutely amazing. But my skin still doesn't feel great today.

I was really disappointed in this product. So far, my Bomb Cosmetics haul hasn't been very good. I've had stuff from them the last couple of Christmas' but this year feels a bit cheap. I don't know whether they've switched suppliers or changed their formulas but past products were far superior to their current bath bombs.

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  1. These products look so similar to lush, I loved how honest this review was!


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